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Part Tundra, Part Land Cruiser: The Twin-Turbo, Hybrid 2023 Sequoia is Toyota's New Flagship SUV

The current Toyota Sequoia SUV, like the Toyota Tundra pickup it's based on, is one of the oldest vehicle designs currently on sale in North America.

Yes, there have been small updates and tweaks over the years to keep the SUV fresh, but for the most part the 2022 Sequoia is the same vehicle that first went on sale in 2007 for the '08 model year.

A Long Time Coming

And with its sibling, the Tundra recently being completely made over for the 2022 model year, a full model change for the Sequoia was sure to follow shortly behind. And that's what we have today with the official debut of the 2023 Sequoia. 

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro driver Side

There's a lot riding on this vehicle, not just because it's been so long since a new model but because the famed Land Cruiser is no longer sold in North America. That means if you want an SUV with Toyota badges, the Sequoia is the top dog.

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Rear View

Fortunately for the Land Cruiser-faithful, the '23 Sequoia has some similarities with the new 300-series Land Cruiser that's no longer offered here, including a shared body-on-frame architecture that's also used by the Lexus LX and Tundra.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Side View

As with previous Sequoias, the styling shares a lot with the new Tundra and even on the more basic trim levels the look is a lot more chiseled and aggressive compared to the more bulbous 2022 model.

2023 Toyota Sequoia driver Rear View

Twin Turbos + Hybrid

Under the hood well you will find the old 5.7L V8 replaced by the same 3.5L twin-turbo V6 we've seen in the new Land Cruiser and Tundra. In the case of the Sequoia, all models will include the i-FORCE MAX hybrid system which is optional on the Tundra.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Twin Turbo V6 Hybrid

Output is impressive, with 437hp and a stout 583 pound feet of torque. The twin boosted and hybrid-assisted V6 will be paired to a ten-speed automatic transmission. RWD will be standard with part-time 4WD optional on all models and standard on the off-road oriented TRD Pro.

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Interior

The extra power and torque not only makes the new model quicker, towing capacity is up to an impressive 9,000 pounds. And when combined the SUV's spacious three-row cabin it becomes quite the adventure vehicle.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Towing Airstream Trailer

No fuel economy information has been released yet, but the twin-turbo hybrid setup should outperform the old V8 in that department as well.

A Version For Everyone

The new platform includes multilink suspension designed to blend off-road capability and comfort, and different trim levels will be aimed at different types of use as opposed to just different budgets. 

2022 Toyota Sequoia Cargo Area

The SR5 is the volume model, and it will be available for the first time with the TRD Off-Road package that's popular on other Toyota trucks and SUVs. Along with unique TRD suspension, it includes a locking rear differential and other off-road upgrades.

There will also be a TRD Sport package which is aimed at drivers seeking better on-road performance, with its own unique suspension setup and special 20 inch wheels.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Limited

Introduced the late in the outgoing model's run, a TRD Pro model will also be available, taking the TRD Off-Road package and going even further with FOX suspension, skid plates, a heritage-inspired grille, roof rack and TRD Pro branding throughout.

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro White

A new edition the Sequoia lineup is the Captstone model, which takes luxury and creature comforts to a level not seen before. Among its features are chrome trim, new 22-inch wheels, extra high grade leather upholstery, acoustic glass and more. 

2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone

A New Segment Leader?

Toyota hasn't released pricing info yet, but the 2023 Sequoia is scheduled to hit dealerships this summer after production gets going in San Antonio, Texas.

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro White

While some might miss the old school charm of the outgoing V8 Sequoia, the next-gen model is looking like a strong performer and we'll be excited to see how it does against its full-size domestic rivals when it goes on sale. later this year.

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