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Return of the Scout: VW Brings Back Classic Off-Road Name for Upcoming Electric Truck & SUV Brand

Whether it's Rivian, the endlessly hyped but not yet existent Tesla Cybertruck, or the Ford F-150 Lightning, interest in the electric pickup and SUV space is higher than ever these days.

So what's a company like Volkswagen to do when it comes to entering the electric truck market?

VW Scout EV SUV Drawing

Return of a Legend

VW's ambitious plans for the electric transition are well known, and they've just announced their plan for entering America's EV pickup market will revolve around the return of an iconic brand name from the past - Scout.

International Scout in Snow

The International Harvester Scout brand was an American off-road SUV that was quite popular in the '60s and '70s and competed directly against Jeep, the Ford Bronco and others. It's also been a long time favorite among 4x4 enthusiasts long after production ended.

LS-Swapped Scout on Nitto Ridge Grappler

After the demise of the International Harvester in the early '80s, assets including the Scout nameplate wound up in the hands of the Navistar International Company which was taken over by Volkswagen's commercial truck division last year.

International Scout Pickup Orange

Familiar Shapes

And it just happens to work out perfectly that Volkswagen can now use the Scout name for consumer vehicles. In fact, VW says it plans to build an entirely new Scout brand to operate within its automotive group.

Volkswagen Scout EV Concepts

VW says Scout vehicles will be designed, engineered and built in the United States and the brand will include both an electric pickup and a "rugged" SUV, both on dedicated EV platforms. 

Volkswagen Scout Pickup EV Concept Drawing

Other than that few details were given, but some concept sketches of the two Scout EVs show a strong resemblance to the cult favorite Scouts of the '60s and '70s. The company plans to show prototype vehicles next year, with production to begin in 2026.

KOH International Scout

So while it will be some time before we start seeing modern VW-built electric Scouts on the road (or the trail) it's another interesting development for the growing EV truck segment. 

International Scout Restomod on Nitto Ridge Grappler

And how fitting that we'd see the return of a beloved but also forgotten brand name as we venture into a new era of high-tech pickup trucks and 4x4s?

The old is truly new again.

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