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Ride Along in the Ultimate Packard and Duesenberg Rival [360 Virtual Reality]

Oh, you fancy huh?

We took a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum, had them unlock the vault and picked out one of the most luxurious classic cars from the garage – a 1929 DuPont Speedster.

Nowadays, it's rare to see automotive masterpieces from the early 1900s looking this clean, let alone see it cruising down the street. Leslie Kendal, curator for the Petersen Automotive Museum, let theirs get a little fresh air.

So straighten out that monocle and put those pinkies up – we're about to go for a classy ride in a 1929 DuPont Speedster.

Petersen Automotive Museum - 1929 DuPont Speedster - 360 Virtual Reality

If that's not enough reason to visit the Petersen, check out 12 more reasons you need to take a trip to this automotive treasure trove.

Had enough fancy shmancy for one day? Rev it up with a little Vaughn Gittin Jr. in another DrivingLine 360 Virtual Reality experience.

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