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Ride of the Week: K-20 Swapped Civic Hatch [Video]

If you frequent track days, especially in Southern California, there is one car that has become downright impossible to avoid seeing: the Honda Civic. The VTEC fan club has grown far and wide, and with good reason. They’re cheap, light and have plentiful parts, on top of having a slew of powerful engines to swap into them.

Honda Civic on the track

Andrew Nguyen’s Civic is one such track-prepped example, complete with a host of upgrades. The most easily identifiable feature is the giant PCI Racing wing on the back, but the modding goes much further than that. Under the hood, he swapped in a K20A2 engine that’s been tuned to run on E85. This, along with a Skunk 2 exhaust, help to make it one of the loudest cars on the track. Trust us. It’s also running 225/45R15 Nitto NT01 tires to give him consistent grip throughout his sessions.

Nitto NT01 tire

That only scratches the surface of everything that’s been done to this car, so to see all track-focused upgrades, watch the video above.

K20 engine in a Honda Civic

Watch this Civic battle a 350Z in Driver Battles!

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