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Ride of the Week: Roy's Time Attack Viper ACR TA Package [Video]

Roy Narvaez, the owner of this 2016 Viper ACR TA Package, is into racing, and his Viper rarely rests. “I compete in my favorite racing sport, global time attack, as often as possible,” Roy said.

As it should be, the car was ready to race from the moment it left the dealership. It’s sporting an all-aluminum 8.4L naturally aspirated engine that produces 645hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. The special Time Attack (TA) aero package is great for the track, with the rear wing creating 400 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. It's even running on Nitto NT01s.

Ride of the Week 2016 Viper TA

While those numbers are impressive, did the car meet Narvaez’s expectations and how did it do on the racetrack? “My thing is big horsepower and a lot of aero, so I got the extreme aero package has all the diffusers, wings and canards,” Narvaez said. “I thought I knew what aero (downforce) felt like until I drove the Viper around the track. The grip you feel, and control. I’ve never felt anything like it. It adds so much confidence,” Narvaez continued. “I love the car, it’s sexy, and it goes around the track great!”

For more detailed info and photos of this Viper, see our full-feature article, and to see how Roy's Viper does on the track, watch Driver Battles 8.

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