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ROWW-Inspired F-150 at Your Service

ROWW-Inspired F-150 at Your Service

Outrageous cars and trucks scatter around the Las Vegas Convention Center every year for the SEMA Show, most of them leaving spectators in shock and "huh?" Amongst the wildness, one build peaked our interested for a whole other reason. The Reach Out Worldwide-inspired Ford F-150 built by Armordillo USA is as amazing functionally as it is visually. From the chainsaws to the Nitto Ridge Grapplers, every part of this truck is there for a purpose. That purpose is to be able provide support in areas where relief efforts are most needed.

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker

In case you might still need some convincing of the potential capabilities of this F-150, then let's look no further than from the opinion of Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) CEO, Cody Walker. Cody, the younger brother of the late Paul Walker (also the organization's founder), was completely ecstatic at what the guys are Armodillo USA put together. From the color to the equipment, everything about it is exactly what Paul would have wanted to represent his organization of professionals with first responder skill-sets who augment local expertise when natural disasters strike in order to accelerate relief efforts.

Now that we've walked you around the ROWW-inspired Ford F-150, get a behind-the-scenes look at the build:

Here to Help

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker

The best charitable acts are the ones that come from the heart. Armordillo USA's lead builders Michael Lee and Roger Lo could have built any SEMA vehicle any way they wanted, but they chose to do something they could be proud of. Inspired by ROWW, they transformed a normal Ford F-150 into the coolest looking first-responder vehicle you could imagine. As with any SEMA build, sponsors come onboard to lend a helping hand. This F-150 is outfitted with a WARN Zeon 10S winch, Magnaflow cat-back system 19053, Spyder Auto head and taillights, lifted with a ReadyLift 3.5" SST level kit and completed MKW M92 wheels wrapped in Nitto Tire Ridge Grapplers.

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker - Nitto Tire Ridge Grappler

While that might be where a normal SEMA build usually stops, they continued on with equipment one might need out in the field. These include Hi-Lift All Cast Jack, Handle All and Shovel kit, Total Resources International First Aid Kit and of course a few STIHL chainsaws for good measure.

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker - Equipment

Racks on Racks

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Racks

With all that equipment, they had to find a place to store it that is both secure and easily accessible; here is where Armordillo USA's expertise came into play. Not only did they design and fabricate the pre-runner guard in the front, but they also made these racks to go on the roof and over the bed of the truck. Equipment or supplies, these racks are more than strong enough to transport just about anything they might need. The roof rack also has a 360º LED light bar installed, bright enough to turn night into day.

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker - 360 LED Light Bar

That's a Wrap

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150 - Cody Walker - Wrap

To complete the build, the entire truck is wrapped in Avery Dennison satin black, which happens to also be one of Paul's personal favorite vehicle colors. The neon green stripe along the side is not only there to allow the truck stand out as a beacon of help when out in the field, but also to highlight ROWW and all the sponsors who helped make this truck possible.

ROWW-Inspired Ford F-150

Paul Walker once said about ROWW, "When you put good will out there, it's amazing what can be accomplished." The team at Armordillo USA clearly put a lot of good will into this truck, and it truly is an amazing accomplishment. We can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

(Photos by: Justin Pagtalunan, Byron YoshidaArmordillo USA)

See more behind-the-scenes photos in the gallery at the top, or check out other trucks from SEMA Show 2016 in our feed below:

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