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SEMA Show 2018: Race and Track Cars [Gallery]

These are the vehicles that hopped-up performance street cars aspire to be: they're fast, built to withstand the rigors of competition, and none of them are street-legal.

SEMA Show 2018 Racecar 01

These machines perform dangerous feats and push the boundaries of speed. Many aftermarket performance parts for production cars were born on the racetrack through grueling trials a track car must endure. We, the adoring public in our production vehicles, are grateful.

SEMA Show 2018: Race and Track Cars 02

So don't look for creature comforts like air-conditioning or heated seats—you'll find nothing but roll cages, spartan seats and controls dedicated to operating the vehicle for the type of racing for which it was designed. All else is focused on efficiency and power development...and it's beautiful. Enjoy the gallery above of the warriors of car culture from SEMA 2018.

See more of the best vehicles from SEMA in our gallery from the first day of this year's event.

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