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Stuntin' as a Hübinette: 14 Moments We Realized Sam & Stina Are #CoupleGoals

When the most important room in a couple's house is the garage, you know they've got something special. Welcome to the world of Mr. and Mrs. Hübinette, the stars of Huracán Drift. Watch the video above as professional stunt-drivers Samuel and Stina Hübinette give us a tour of their home and talk driving, family and everything in between. By the end, you'll be handing them a "Couple of the Year" award. Not convinced? Here are 14 reasons why Sam and Stina are a match made in heaven:

1. First of all, Sam and Stina are kind of perfect for each other.

Sam: "It's very unique in that we have the same passions."

2. Sharing the spotlight is no big deal for them.

Stina: "It's not a woman's world, it's a man's world. It's just fun to go there, and people don't expect me to do certain stuff with the cars."

3. And they aren't afraid to take things to the next level.

They hired Donut Media to give us the drift video we never knew we needed.

4. They obviously have impeccable taste in tires.

Sam: "I wanted to have a fun, exciting tire manufacturer that's all about enthusiasm, and that's what Nitto Tire is... the perfect fit."

5. And they are quite hospitable.

Stina: "Welcome to the Hübinettes'! Come on in!"

6. Yes, entertaining guests does occasionally involve driving.

Stina: "And of course, we take them in the car sometimes, too."

7. Their use of storage space is unusual, but at the same time, it totally makes sense.

Sam: "Here's our most important outdoor storage. Behind this door we got our tire stack — a bunch of fresh and halfway-used Nitto Tires for drifting and the testing days we do for stunt training."

8. This is a couple who has their priorities straight. #GarageGoals

Stina: "But now, we have to go and see the most important room in the house."

9. They're not afraid to celebrate each other's successes.

Sam: "Stina has a few trophies up here, too, from Red Line Time Attack."

Stina: "I made it up on the trophy wall!"

10. You can't help but swoon over Sam's success in Formula Drift.


Sam won the inaugural FD Championship in 2004, then won it all again in 2006. (We see you, Vaughn Gittin Jr.!)

11. And how badass is Stina in #HuracánDrift?!

Stina: "One of the things we wanted with this [Huracán Drift] video, was to get the world to see me drive a supercar like a crazy woman."

12. Once the end credits roll, so do the tears.

As if their cute little fist bump wasn't enough — then you see Sam playing with their son... That's it. Game over. Hübinettes win.

13. Then you're reminded that their daily driver is a Lamborghini.

Must be nice.

14. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who? They've got nothing on Mr. and Mrs. Hübinette.

Wishing the Hübinettes nothing but the very best! Follow them on Instagram @samuel_hubinette and @stinastunts.

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