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10 Superstars From Spocom Super Show's 10 Year Anniversary

I can't believe it's already been a decade since the very first Spocom Super Show! For the past 10 years, they have been gathering perfect 10 out of 10 car competitors, vendors, dancers and babes. You can groove to the music while watching the urban dance and GoGo competitions or wait in line to take photos with that one hot model or freely walk around the Anaheim Convention Center floor looking at insane builds and popular vendors. While there's so much to see and do at Spocom, we wanted to try to stay focused and highlight some of the top cars from the show.

In no particular order, check out 10-ish "perfect 10" superstars from Spocom Anaheim: 

1. Felix's Skyline GT-R V-Spec II

Spocom Anaheim - Nissan Skyline

Can't mess with a classic. Felix had everyone feeling some kind of way with his Skyline on light blue Volk Racing TE37s. This was my favorite car of the whole show and I'm assuming the same goes for most others there.

2. Bulldog Lighting's F-350

Spocom Anaheim - Bulldog Lighting Ford F-350

A+ for the display. LED Lights might not always scream rough and tough, but they are still very important in the off-road world. I'm not sure what's more beast, the F-350 itself or that it's resting its Nitto Tire Trail Grapplers on one of their Bulldog LED lighting bars.

3. Yogi's GT-VIP Lexus GS430

Spocom Anaheim - VIP Lexus GS430

Above average. When Yogi isn't breaking the Internet, he's breaking necks at car shows. You can read more about this special build in our recent feature.

4. Auto Concept Datsun 240z

Spocom Anaheim - Datsun 240z

The Gulf paint scheme is one of the most iconic racing looks made popular by the Ford GT40 that competed and won at Le Mans. The Datsun 240Z is one of the most iconic classic import cars that just keeps getting more popular with age. It was only right for Rich to bridge the gap by building this "GT240Z". His work didn't go unrecognized as he won Best Nissan on this day.

5. J.Perez's S2000

Spocom Anaheim - Honda S2000

Walking through the convention center floor, J.Perez's yellow S2K quickly caught my eye. I'm glad I took the time to capture this beauty because not too long after Spocom it was involved in an unfortunate accident. Luckily JP is okay, but his S2K was declared a total loss. RIP.

6. AirREX Acura NSX

Spocom Anaheim - Acura NSX

Nilo Miranda's AirREX equipped Acura NSX has a new look for this year. You might remember it from the Facebook LIVE video we took the day before the show when we had to burn some gas to get it under the roll-in requirement.

7. 2JZ Royalty

Spocom Anaheim - 2JZ Mercedes 280C

Spocom Anaheim - 2JZ Toyota Crown

Benz & Crown, sounds like something I would ask a bartender for. It's a case of same-same, but different for Team Legacy's Mercedes-Benz 280c and R-Rydes' Janet Fujimoto's Toyota Crown.

8. Old School Cool

Spocom Anaheim - Hakosuka

Spocom Anaheim - Mazda RX-2

Rick's Hakosuka is the perfect embodiment of a classic JDM build. The steel grey look definitely gives it at "Urban Wok" feel. On the other side, Cyber Racing's Mazda RX-2 RE might not be as recognizable as the Hako, but its still just as clean.

9. Jonny's Hyundai Genesis

Spocom Anaheim - Hyundai Genesis

Low, Wide, Driven. That's right, if you ever frequent the 405, you might have noticed Jonny's crazy Hyundai Genesis cruising. Still not ringing any bells? It used to be bright green.

10. Rywire E-AT Civic

Spocom Anaheim - Honda Civic

The cleanest tuck on a Civic you will ever see, and I wouldn't have expected anything less from a build by Rywire

Shameless Plug - Rocket Bunny tC

Spocom Anaheim - Rocket Bunny tC

And then there's me representing at the DC Sports booth. Ever since I scored the third Rocket Bunny kit for the tC and got it installed early this year, I've been trying to bring it out to more shows.


There were a lot more standouts from Spocom's 10 Year Anniversary. Flip through the gallery below to catch 'em all and check out our Pokémon GO coverage of the show!


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