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Supporting Roll: Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

For the most part, customizing vehicles is a hobby shared between friends and is dominated by males. However, every once in a while, we come across a husband and wife team that are able to enjoy customizing together. One such couple is Chad and Candice Shetsky of Montegomery, TX as they first met when Chad was looking to buy a ’93 GMC pickup that Candice had for sale. They kicked things off years back and have now elevated their passion for trucks together.

Rear of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10 Rolling

The Search

After working on a few late-model rides, they were looking to get into something a bit older and were digging Chevy C10s. A common story for folks dealing with classic trucks is that good projects are hard to come by and these two also had their fair share of running around during the search. Just as they came back from checking out a false lead, Candice’s father called to tell them that he found a ’67 C10 with a big block engine in Cypress and they turned around to make a 30-minute trip to check it out. They would soon find out that the truck was a forgotten father and son project but it had some good bones.

Front of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

Homebuilt Hauler

Once it was in their two-car garage, they were able to get the C10 running and then immediately tore it down to the bare frame. This was such a home-build that the bed pieces were stored in the attic and other exterior pieces went in a spare bedroom. A call was made to Pro Performance to get a full Porterbuilt suspension that utilizes a set of Slam Specialties airbags up front and a pair of Firestone sleeve ‘bags in the rear to lay this truck out. The 454ci big block engine was also pulled and rebuilt by Willard and Troy Buff of Competition Automotive Machine of Spring, TX. It is now dressed with a Billet Specialties air cleaner and valve covers for a slick appearance.

Big Block Engine of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

Automotive Memories

As things got serious between Chad and Candice, they planned to get married and have the truck be a part of the event. Just a few weeks before the wedding, the truck was assembled, and the motor went in with help from Cody Gatewood and Chris Jozwiak. With the clock winding down, the C10 came to life only a few days before the wedding. The story gets even sweeter as Candice’s father drove her to the wedding in a ’64 Chevy C10. After the reception, Chad and Candice drove off in the ’67 making for one hell of a memorable exit.

Raised Bed Floor of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

The Long Overhaul

After a few months of enjoying the truck, the Turbo400 transmission gave out and Chad decided to tear it back down during the process of replacing it. The modifications amplified as he shaved the mirrors, molded the rear of the bed, sectioned the rear wheel tubs and fabbed a raised bed floor. Chad admits this second phase took about a year as his interest waned, but Candice helped by pushing him along the way.

Nitto Invo Tires on Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

Looking the Part

As the truck started to shape up, it was taken to Justin Berry’s shop for some brightwork. There, Justin worked the body smooth and then painted it in PPG’s DBC line of materials mixed to match a metallic red (code 3T3) found on modern Toyotas. Finishing off the look of the exterior is a set of 22x8.5 and 24x10 Raceline Holligan billet wheels. The fronts were wrapped in 255/30R22 Nitto INVO tires while the large rears are covered in 285/30/24 Nitto 420S tires. Though different front and rear, the tires provide ultra performance in handling and traction while providing a quiet and comfortable ride.

Interior of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10

Inner Beauty

Chad made Lone Star Throwdown (LST) his goal for completion and as the show neared, the interior needed to be finished. It was taken to Joe Kennedy of Advanced Auto Trim and Upholstery where the original bench seat got covered in black leather and suede. Before it was reinstalled, the floor was covered in Fat Mat insolation with new black loop carpet on top. Adding some extra style on the inside is a set of Lokar Performance Products foot pedals and Delp’s Metal Designs door panels.

Front of Chad and Candice Shetsky’s Slammed ’67 Chevy C10 Rolling

Reaching the Finish Line

As the date for the debut approached, the hours on the clock seemed to fly by while the headaches multiplied. With many long nights and the support of Candice, Chad was able to be victorious. We even shot these photos right after the event, capturing a moment in time when it became apparent that all the hard work was worth it.

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