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Talking Shift: Yeezy Lambo, Nicolas Cage’s Mustang & Taco Bell Supra

Talking Shift is a weekly series where each of our editors discuss the cool, weird, outlandish, dreamy and/or ugly vehicles they’ve stumbled upon recently. We’ve got Kristin Cline (Managing Editor), a grease girl who loves vintage cars and American muscle; Ali Mansour (Off-Road & Truck Editor), a tattooed Southern gent into all things Jeep; Jonathan Wong (Editor in Chief) and Justin Pagtalunan (Associate Editor), two Asian dudes who—shocker here—are big on the import scene... Expect colorful discussion, diverse knowledge and a lot of "shift-talking." There can never be too many opinions, so make sure you chime in and talk shift!

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Driving Line editors

We kicked off the premiere of our Talking Shift series with several rides that reflect the best (or worst?) parts of pop culture. Get ready for some snarky commentary, pleasant back-and-forths and some surprising confessions (our off-road editor used to be an import guy?!). Oh, and an Ariel Atom.


1. Yeezy Lambo

Picked by Justin: The “Yeezyghini” by Jeff Cole. Part Aventador, part the most hyped shoe of all-time. Sure, it’s just a rendering, but it made me stop instantly as I was scrolling through Instagram.


Kristin: Most hyped & over-priced shoe + most hyped & over-priced car = schmutz made in heaven.

Ali: Hate it. Kill it with fire.

Jonathan: I’d rather have the shoes, but that’s a whole different story.

(You can purchase a premium "Yeezyghini" canvas from Jeff Cole's website at



Picked by Justin: “HUMBUL” – I was looking for something to wear and found my limited edition illab X Mad Mike “HUMBUL” shirt they released when he won FD Japan, made me want to look at the RX-7 he won it with.

Mad Mike's HUMBUL

Kristin: Yes, give me sound to go with this photo! I’ll listen to HUMBUL or Mad Mike talk all day long!

Ali: Needs more stickers...

Jonathan: I can hear the rotary screaming now!


3. Ariel Atom

Picked by Ali: Ariel Atom... It's the closest thing to a street-legal go-cart you can buy, and it looks great. It's also the car that ultimately ignited my love affair with the Lotus Exige.

Ariel Atom

Kristin: When you say Lotus, all I can think of is spinning one out at Spring Mountain!

Justin: Have you seen the Ariel Nomad? I could see you owning an Ariel Nomad.

Jonathan: Hold up, you have an Exige? We must be doing something wrong here.


4. The Random Honda

Picked by Ali: One of my first car-related jobs was working as a lot attendant at my local Honda dealer. I remember when the S2000 came out and how big of a deal the high-revving, rear-wheel drive rocket was. I've always wanted to transplant one of the early gen powertrains into a hot rod.

Honda S2000

Kristin: Little car + good engine = fun times!

Justin: Ali? In blue shirt? As a Helpful Honda Dealer? Yea, I can picture it.

Jonathan: F20 swap into a hot rod? Let’s do it! Or a Jeep?


5. Gov't Lowriders

Picked by Jonathan: Imagine if government agencies rolled around like we do…

slammed police cars and mail vans

Kristin: Please let that cop be the guy who tries to catch me. Easiest. Car chase. Ever.

Ali: Oh, so Wong.

Justin: “Rain, sleet, snow, but not speed bumps.”


6. Supra Pimp'd Out

Picked by Jonathan: Old school Supra lowrider style? Some genres should never cross paths!

magenta slammed Supra

Kristin: I love a good mash-up, but this is just so wrong.

Ali: It’s like Taco Bell decided to sell Asian food. Not a good idea.

Justin: Just waiting for Xzibit to show me where they hid the TVs, pop my collar and tell me I’ve “officially been PIMP’d.”


7. Colorful Ponies

Picked by Kristin: Which generation of Mustang would you buy? The new ones are pretty sweet, but to me the ‘70-‘73 has the most badass character to it, so that’s where my money is.

50 years of Mustang

Ali: None. I don’t look good with a mullet.

Justin: ‘67. Eleanor. “Gone in 60 Seconds”—one of the few Nick Cage movies I wouldn’t mind watching again.

Jonathan: I’m just trying to avoid being run over by one...


8. Hangry 'Stang

Picked by Kristin: Speaking of Mustangs… any opinions on this “I’m gonna eat you grill”? Part of me wants to love it for its lightheartedness, but I just can’t go there.

lime green Mustang with painted grill

Ali: Perfect for leaving your local Cars and Coffee...

Justin: Someone needs to pitch this front graphic idea to Vaughn for next year.

Jonathan: Okay, now I want the Yeezy Lambo.


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