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TAS: Parts On Parade

tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-46 The scope of TAS is so vast and so densely saturated that it can be difficult to hone in on the more minute details like the individual parts set out to be embraced by tuning fans. With keenly focused eyes we were able to uncover some gems; some new, some not so new... all ready for primetime players. This small cross section of the parts bin that is TAS includes power parts, accessories, and a few novelties. Read on for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 best new JDM parts to be had... tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-37 JUN Auto cut its teeth tinkering with engine internals and the tuning shop/parts manufacturer is famous for its stroker kits and engine hard parts. This muscle-bound R35 GT-R engine sports an increase in displacement via forged parts and heavy duty valvetrain upgrades. Power depends on the bravery shown setting the boost. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-44 tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-43 tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-42 Go Mad Max with style. These 326 Power spiked lug nuts are well designed and well made. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-34 Known for making power not stopping power, we were surprised to see these Blitz big brake upgrade kits for many of Japanese finest on display in the Blitz booth. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-39 Finished in the company’s signature gold hue, these Top Secret catch can/reservoirs are lust-worthy items for JDM fanatics far and wide. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-18 A long standing JDM trend is mounting subway train handles as tow hooks. These take the vandalism out of the equation while adding a dash of cuteness. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-10 What do GT86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ owners clamor for most? Boost. Blitz has a race-proven turbo system for street prowling Toyobarus. The kit is high quality and easy to install. I'd say this company needs to tap into the U.S. market. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-22 The Enkei 92 is a renowned old school wheel. The news here is its now being offered in a 20-inch size. Will it now become an option for the VIP crowd? tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-41 Want an outside stripe on your wheels but can’t pinstripe? HASFPRO Rim Stickers don’t require such a steady hand, come in many colors, and offer a small degree of protection for your wheels. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-27 Give new meaning to traveling light.  Roll in style with this carbon fiber wheeled suitcase from the minds of Nismo. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-47 tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-31 Rays Engineering displayed its TE37 Concept, a TE37 forged to 22 inches. It’s so big it has to be either a VIP offering or perhaps an indication that Rays will be targeting the SUV market. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-06 Zero Sports had a trick, roots style GT86 supercharger kit complete with composite intake tucked behind its counter. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-20 Subaru does not promise you race car skills when you slip on its driving shoes. But they are nifty. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-32 tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-33 Got deep dish mesh? 6666 Wheels does. Enkei’s new line is slated to debut in Japan soon and we can only hope the holy rollers come to America. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-12 A classic, the Top Fuel carbon fiber Power Chamber intake is the stuff of dreams for Honda S2000 owners. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-04 Zero Sports has an affinity for making innovation radiator cover plates like this unit for the Subaru Legacy. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-35 tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-36 Anodized wheels are trending. The colors are vibrant, as evidenced by the rack of wheels in the Sky Forged booth, and the finish is durable. tokyo-auto-salon-2015-coverage-best-new-parts-25 Own the apexes with these race-proven SP Series coilovers from HKS.

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