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TeraFlex All Girls Trail Run Gets First Timers Out On the Trail


When most people think motorsports I'd be willing to bet that women being behind the wheel isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Although women in motorsports is nothing new, most (if not all) are still heavily dominated by men. However, this is fast changing, especially in the world of off-roading, and for someone like Alie Falkner, a customer service rep from TeraFlex Suspensions, her obsession with going off-road sparked the idea to create the first TeraFlex All Girls Trail Run, not only to get more first time drivers out on the trail but to get them as hooked on off-roading as she is.


Alie comes from a family of off-roaders. At 17, she picked up her first Jeep, a '97 TJ, which is also the time where her love for the sport really started to develop. "I like off-roading because I can get to places that not everyone else can get to, where I can get out and explore nature," she says.


Taking it straight to social media, Alie instantly met some pushback: "At first I was so excited but then I had a few people call me out on how sexist I was to plan a trip that only included girls. I simply told them girls want to have fun and get away, too (just like the boys) but for fun would throw in that I'd also go to the mall. After that, I stopped caring about what anyone else said; it's an opportunity for women to experience something new, fun and challenging, and if they didn't see it the same way, then too bad."


I was recently invited out to the first TeraFlex All Girls event, and joined their group along with my wife, Keisha. As we unloaded our Willys and prepped them for the run, we spotted their caravan cruising down the highway.


Moments later I suddenly became one of only three guys in a group of close to 15-to-20 women. I've never felt so much excitement or seen that many smiles before a trail run; these ladies were STOKED to be here and were ready for some action!


A good portion of the group, including my wife, had never "wheeled" off-road in the driver's seat until then. So when we got to the first obstacle there were a few nervous faces but after Alie guided them up and over with ease you could see their confidence building, a trend that would continue throughout the day. This is exactly what Alie had hoped for, "I wanted a reason to get the ladies in the driver's seat, to see them gain confidence as they realize they're capable of overcoming more than they can imagine!"


Throughout the entire day, this group completely tore it up! Chirping tires, wheel stands, nearly tipping over...they didn't leave anything on the table, and all the action left most yearning for more. When asked if they would be back, the answer was a unanimous "YES!" As you can tell, the first TeraFlex All Girls Trail Run was a success.


Alie says there will be a second All Girls event coming soon and to connect with her on Facebook at "Alie Falkner (TeraFlex)" where she'll post updated info as it comes. Until then, get out there and invite some ladies to come along on the trail! Enjoy the gallery below plus video recap from TeraFlex.

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