The Long Road Home: Finale

When Matt Moghaddam, our Truck Editor, started his journey of over 4,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to Southern California, we knew that he would see and do some really cool things. Little did we know how cool, and the variety of sights along the way. From the sign post forest to learning about the original overlanders, helping a woman who lost her wheel and visiting Off Road Brands’ new shop, this trip had much more than just gorgeous vistas.

Jeep JL Rear

That said, it had gorgeous vistas in spades. Zion absolutely lived up to its reputation. Then there was Matt’s personal favorite spot he visited, Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. The light-blue hue of the water looked otherworldly. There was even a serene beauty to the flat plains of Montana near the end of harvest season, the golden stubs of wheat stalks painting the ground yellow far into the horizon.

Jeep JL Front

In this episode, the last in the series, Matt made the final drive home from St. George, Utah to Southern California. On the way he saw another one of those awesome vistas, Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. We’ve seen red rocks before, but the stark contrast between them and the tan rocks just outside the park is something we need to see in person.

Jeep JL Valley of Fire

To wrap up, instead of taking the freeway all the way back, he took a detour onto the Mojave Road, an iconic trail through the Mojave Desert. Getting some dirt under the Nitto Ridge Grapplers again before the end of the trip was the right call. It’s a Jeep, after all. There needed to be a proper send-off.

Jeep JL Train Tracks

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