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The Most Memorable Moments of #GRIDLIFE Revealed [Gallery]

When half of the FormulaD PRO field shows up at an event just to play, you pay attention. That's exactly what went down at #GRIDLIFE, the mash-up motorsports & music festival that just went down for its fourth year at the Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. Three days jam-packed full of racing, car shows and electronic music performances left us giddy, exhausted and wanting more. This event is a rare festival where performance and lifestyle freely intertwines, and the masses agree that this is the place to be.

GRIDLIFE Midwest 2017 Gallery

#GRIDLIFE manages to take it to a whole new level each year, and this one had the largest lineup of music and motorsports yet. The event shows no signs of slowing down–with both driver and spectator tickets selling out in lightening speed. Speaking of speed, the track was hot for all three days with time-attack, drifting, and HPDE sessions. There’s a variety of vehicles and power plants, from Dirk Stratton’s drift Corvette to Brian Block’s 4G63-swapped ‘60s Volvo, and of course, Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s iconic Ford Mustang RTR.

GRIDLIFE Midwest 2017 Gallery

We'll cut-off our jabbering here though–some things are best described in photo form, so before we get into the nitty gritty details of #GRIDLIFE Midwest, allow us to first present you with the enticing visuals. Browse through the gallery above, and toggle the left-hand grid icon for a full thumbnail view, then sign up for Driving Line's newsletter to be sure to get the full coverage we've got coming at ya!

More than a couple cars we saw at GRIDLIFE have graced these Driving Line pages before, check out more of Mikko Katajas' 1979 Starlet!

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