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TS Performance Shootout 2018

It’s been a staple in diesel motorsports for 18 years. For more than a decade it served as the unofficial kickoff for the diesel drag racing season. It’s called the TS Performance Shootout, and it’s held at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky every spring. In recent years, the benchmark event has been incorporated into the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) points chase, which has only helped to increase the quality of the drag racing that takes place here. For 2018, there was no shortage of competitiveness, turnout or impressive passes. In fact, new eighth-mile records were set in both the Pro Dragster and Pro Mod categories—a great sign of things to come with the season still in its infancy.

For a quick recounting of the two-day affair, the record-breaking passes and all the winners, keep reading.

Pro Street Winner: Dustin Jackson


As one of the best drivers operating one of the most potent trucks in the Pro Street field, it was no surprise when Dustin Jackson ended up in the winner’s circle. Jackson and his triple-turbo’d, Cummins-powered ’94 Ford Lightning ousted number one qualifier Lavon Miller to earn the trophy. With two (of six) events in the books along the 2018 ODSS circuit, Jackson is tied for first place with Enrique Gonzalez and his Duramax-stuffed Colorado.

Pro Mod Winner: Ben Shadday


Ben Shadday’s Pro Mod Dodge continues to go quicker and quicker each time it hits the track. At the TS Performance Shootout, Shadday not only stole the show in the Pro Mod category, but he set a new ODSS record with a 4.71-second eighth-mile at 155 mph. What’s even better is that the single turbo Cummins under the hood may still have a little more left in the tank. With at least two other competitors capable of running this quick, we can’t help but ask ourselves how long this new record will last. Will Shadday break his own record, or will it be someone else? Next stop: 4.60s!

Pro Dragster Winner: Aaron Reynolds


Shortly after mechanical problems forced Jared Jones and the Scheid Diesel crew to park their 6-second rail for the final round of Pro Dragster, Aaron Reynolds’ altered cruised to an easy victory. The clean, simple and lightweight car makes use of a P-pumped 12-valve Cummins and a single S400-based turbo configuration that’s void of an intercooler.

New Diesel Dragster Record: Wade Moody


Although Wade Moody and the twin-turbo’d, Duramax-powered Flo-Pro rail didn’t get the win at the TS Performance Shootout, Moody was able to lay claim to the new eighth-mile elapsed time and trap speed records. On Friday, his rail went 4.11 at 176 mph after it rocketed out to a 1.023-second 60-foot. Then on Saturday, Moody and team returned with a 4.12 at 178 mph effort. To date, his 4.11 E.T. is the quickest and his 178 mph is the fastest pass ever made by a diesel-powered rail on an eighth-mile track.

5.90 Index Winner: Seth Higgins


After earning the number one qualifier position, no one was going to deny Seth Higgins the win in the 5.90 Index class. In a close side-by-side final round, Higgins took the win over Paul Cato and the new Maverick Diesel/HP Tuners Ram. Since obtaining the second-gen Dodge from Kingspeed Race & Repair, Higgins has wasted no time making the truck one of the most consistent vehicles in the new 5.90 category.

6.70 Index Winner (Friday): Artie Maupin


Brand-new to the ODSS scene and making one heck of a first showing, the Diesel Army-backed Ram driven by Artie Maupin took the 6.70 Index class win on Friday. Coined “Project DeadSpool,” the late model four-door sports a BD Diesel R1000 compound turbo kit (64.5mm/82mm), 250hp injectors, a full roll cage from Firepunk Diesel (certified for 8.50s in the quarter) and thanks to fiberglass bed sides, a gutted interior and other weight-stripping methods, weighs in at 5,550 pounds.

6.70 Index Winner (Saturday): Bradley Kerr


After taking the runner-up position in 6.70 Index on Day 1 of the TS Performance Shootout, Diesel South Inc.’s Bradley Kerr appeared to be primed for the win on Day 2—and that’s exactly what happened. Despite missing the first race of the year (the Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener), Kerr’s 2-1 finish in Bowling Green puts him in third place overall in the ODSS points chase.

7.70 Index Winner (Friday): Ryan Riddle


Ryan Riddle and his standard cab, 7.70 Index Ram have made it to the final round at each of the first three races he’s attended so far in 2018 (Rudy’s, Thunder in Muncie and TS). At Beech Bend, he ousted fellow racer Blake Miller in the final round on Day 1. Despite not being able to pull out the win on Day 2, he tacked 31 more points onto his total ODSS tally. As the action heads to Crossville, Tennessee for the next race on the ODSS circuit, Riddle has a commanding lead in the 7.70 Index Class.

7.70 Index Winner (Saturday): Kevin Frey


For Day 2 of the 7.70 Index class action, it was Kevin Frey and his quad cab Ram in the top spot. He edged out Devin Ratliff in the final round to grab the lion’s share of the days’ points. With his win Frey currently sits in sixth place overall—but he’s well within striking distance of fifth, fourth and even third place.

E.T. Bracket Winner (Friday): Dan Holland


This second-gen Dodge and its driver, Dan Holland, have been involved in diesel bracket racing for as long as we can remember. Holland spends his summers traveling to and competing in E.T. Bracket classes across the Midwest, and he’s got a lot of wins to validate why he does it. Well, he earned another win on the first night of racing at the TS Performance Shootout. The following day, he and his Dodge fell short of a repeat, but he still managed to add more of those all-important points to his 2018 total.

E.T. Bracket Winner (Saturday): Landon Miller


The Firepunk Diesel clan is known to put several trucks in the winner’s circle at any given event, and team member Landon Miller definitely brought his A-game to Bowling Green. On Day 2 of the action, he piloted his Ram to victory in the E.T. Bracket class and also cut incredible 0.000 and 0.001 reaction times while doing it.

What Reaction Time?!


This is what we call “cutting a light!”

Contributing Photographer: Amy Gilbert of Stainless Diesel

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