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Ultra4 Driver Loren Healy Reviews the All New Polaris RZR Pro XP Side by Side

There’s a new addition to the Polaris RZR family—the all new PRO XP— and it does not disappoint. With an all new look, longer wheelbase, more travel, more power and more comfort features, this new RZR is "really going to be hard to beat" says Nitto Ultra4 driver Loren Healy. Loren was invited to the secret reveal party in an area just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and was able to get in some actual seat time in the new machine. He shared his opinion on the new RZR Pro XP with us.

The Polaris RZR Pro XP rock crawling

Driving Line: What was your overall impression when you first saw the new RZR PRO XP?

Loren: "Modern styling, bigger tires, better looking cage. All big improvements over previous models."

DL: What was your overall impression after driving the new RZR PRO XP?

Loren: "Handles better and more stable than the 72-inch Turbo S. The lower seating position and longer wheelbase really improves performance."

The Polaris RZR Pro XP running the dirt

DL: What kind of terrain did you get to test it in? Any rocks? If so, how did it do in the slow technical stuff?

Loren: "We tested outside Las Vegas, on course very similar to the Mint 400. No huge rocks but some technical canyons, and it worked very well."

DL: What is your favorite new feature or features you’re personally excited about?

Loren: "Too many features that I love! Factory stereo, 'oh sh*t button' on the dynamic suspension, all the beefier drivetrain and the added power! Hard to pick just one."

The Polaris RZR Pro XP running the sand

DL: Did the power gain feel noticeable?

Loren: "I definitely noticed the power gains. It is right where it is needed in the 20-50 mph zone where it is most useful."

DL: Tell me why I or anyone else should want one.

Loren: "I think everyone wants shiny and new, but the RZR XP Pro is really refined from older models. The creature comforts have been stepped up—huge, stronger parts, faster, better suspension design, it's really going to be hard to beat."

Polaris RZR Pro XP

It’s safe to say Loren Healy is a fan. Here are some of the key model upgrades:

  • Completely new chassis (First time since 2014)
  • Completely overhauled 4-inch wider interior
  • 6-inch longer wheelbase (96-inch total)
  • Industry first tilting seats with even more slider adjustment
  • Telescoping steering wheel for shorter drivers with audio controls
  • Wider foot bed for the driver pedal area means easier two-foot driving
  • "Oh sh*t button" on the steering wheel for instant shock valve changes for "G-outs" and abrupt hits
  • 181hp ProStar Engine
  • New clutch and clutch cooling with claimed 100-degree drop in belt operating temps, doubling the belt life
  • Factory stereo by Rockford Fosgate: two speakers, two tweeters and a subwoofer
  • Beefed-up drivetrain with claimed eight times the axle life of the previous model

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