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Doonies 3 Is Here, and It's Awesome [Video]

When it comes to sponsors, it looks like Monster Energy would be a fun one to have. For the past couple of years, the energy drink giant has hosted a multiday party at the Glamis sand dunes for some of its top athletes. Of course, cameras are rolling for the epic get-together. Launching its third video in the Doonies series, Monster stepped it up a notch with some incredible action.

There’s even a section highlighting Nitto Tire x Monster Energy driver Wayland Campbell. While Campbell has made a name for himself as an incredible sportsman at the King of the Hammers race, this video showed us that he’s quite the sand pilot as well. We mention pilot as he can been seen launching his Ultra4 car through the dunes in what may be one of the biggest Ultra4 car liftoffs ever caught on camera. Just over 13 minutes long, Doonies brings the goods.

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