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What You Missed Out on at California Auto Enthusiast Day 2016 [Gallery]

FOMO — "Fear Of Missing Out" — is a real thing. Many have suffered from it, and until time travel is invented, many will keep suffering. One of the most recent outbreaks came after Auto Enthusiast Day 2016 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. While over 20,000 spectators came out to witness everything, there were still a few who weren't so lucky.

crowds at Driving Line AED booth

Some symptoms of "AED FOMO" include:

If you're suffering from any of these symptoms, there is hope!

Above is an awesome photo gallery that has been proven to subside the effects of "AED FOMO," so don't waste any more time... Flip through the photos now!

(Photos: Byron Yoshida, Jonathan Wong and Justin Pagtalunan)

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