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You Know You're a Car Guy If These Are Your 2017 Resolutions

"Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?" It’s a question sung at the end of every year – for a car guy, I simply translate it to: "Another one" — (say that in a DJ Khaled voice, I know you want to). Love it or hate it, 2016 is finally over it and it's time to look forward to the new year.

For 2017, I will...

Drive More

For 2017 I have to get more meaningful time behind the wheel. I drive a lot, but most of the time it’s running errands or even when car related, it’s the monotony of driving to an event. Granted I don’t have the spare time I once did, but even my Saturday morning Cars & Coffee drives have felt more of an ends to a means rather than a drive. It doesn’t have to be a track day or a long cruise, but I want to get back to that feeling where I truly focus on the drive itself – rather than everything else that’s coming after it.

drive 1

drive more

Clean My Cars

My cars are usually dirty. A testament that they are driven and not show cars. For 2017, I’m committing to more routine washings or “maintenance” as I would consider it. The more often they get washed, the cleaner they will stay overall. Also, this gets me more “time” with them! The good guys at Meguiar’s always lace me up so I have no excuses – be on the lookout for some easy cleaning content in 2017, I’m all about making things simple.


Make Videos

No not the kind you are thinking of, as you’ve seen on Driving Line, video as a platform is pretty damn cool. I’ve toy’d with my GoPro over the years but for 2017 I’m really looking to add video content as part of my stories. Especially for car related content, there’s something cool about seeing and hearing the cars run. I’ll be pushing more video in the New Year so be on the lookout!

gopro 1



Contrary to popular believe, at one time I used to work on my own cars. In my high school JDM days, I swapped suspension, changed cams, you name it – but as time went on, I found more enjoyment in just driving. Not sure how I’ll fit this all in with everything else I want to do (but that’s why they’re goals right?) but I would like to find time to work on some of my cars myself. Assuming that’s possible (for example, the BMW i8 was too advanced) – it could be fun to swap some stuff out myself…



Lastly, just have fun! That’s what the passion is about after all. For a period of time this year I became burnt out with writing and cars (it’s a little apparent if you’re a reader, I didn’t write nearly as much as past years) — I stopped enjoying it. From the start it has to be fun. If it’s not fun, it’ll be apparent in everything. So for 2017, let’s be sure to have some fun!


What are you're New Year's Resolutions for 2017? How many of them do you think you can accomplish? Let us know!

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