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VTEC Soft Roader Pt1: Why I Chose the Honda Passport Over the Grand Cherokee or 4Runner

This crossover SUV may share a platform with a minivan but the Honda Passport has torque vectoring AWD, Honda build quality and VTEC!

Essential Off-Road Food Safety Tips: Are You Optimizing Your Food Storage for Long-Term Overlanding?

Before you head off to your next overlanding adventure, check out our food survival guide. We test five coolers and provide you with some key packing tips for safe food storage.

3 Types of Roof-Rack Awnings Reviewed: Complete Your Off-Road Overlanding Rig

Finding the right awning for your needs takes research, but this article will save you a little trial and error so you have more time for overlanding adventure.

Do These Old Dogs Have New Tricks? Toyota Unveils the New 2021 TRD Pros

A new color & some new gear for the 2021 4Runner, Tacoma & Tundra & Sequoia TRD Pro

Soft-Roader Comparison: Which AWD Crossover are You Taking on the Trail?

We break-down the newest crop of adventure-ready crossovers to see which has the best potential for the trails.

5 Tips for Planning an Off-Road Adventure

Set yourself up for the ultimate weekend getaway.

5 Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Off-Road Rig on the Cheap

You don’t have to break the bank on the best-of-the-best vehicle armor and recovery mods to avoid damage to your rig. Here are five ways that resourcefulness and know-how can win the day.

Jeep Forward Control Trucks Kicked-Off a (Brief) Cab-Over Revolution

The FC's unusual styling would make an indelible imprint on Jeep's history.

Iron Man JT: The Jeep Gladiator That Does it All

Overlander, rock crawler and daily driver all in one perfect package

Breadcrumbs: Ford's New Navigation Trick Helps Keep Off-Roaders from Getting Lost

It might be a simple software feature, but it could potentially be a big help on the trail.

Off-Road Adventure at the 2019 SEMA Show [GALLERY]

Don't miss these show-stopping off-road and overland rigs at the 2019 SEMA Show!

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