Overlanding Gear Review: 5 Essentials for the Trail

I’ve learned to travel light, pack smarter and live easier—and compressed my belongings to include items that make traveling better.

Mad Max Meets Doc Hudson: The 4x4 DeSoto You Need in Your Life

Your new favorite mythical creature...

Overland Expo East 2018: ­Mud. Adventure.

When traveling to unfamiliar destinations via plane, motorcycle or especially in a 4x4—you should be prepared for anything, right?

Toyota Trio: Which 2019 TRD Pro is Right for You?

Our multi-day trip entailed camping in the middle of nowhere, and connecting our days together with mud, dust, wind—and adventure. Toyota wanted us to really drive the TRD Pro line-up. And, we answered their call.

Off-Roading With Jimahajer: Tuner Club [Video]

Jimahajer Garage is living the overlanding dream in this episode of Tuner Club.

The Long Road Home: Finale

The road trip of a lifetime wraps up on the way from St. George, Utah to Southern California.

An In-Depth Guide to Learning Traditional Navigation

In part two of our navigational basics guide, we take you through how to orient your compass and direction of travel.

The Long Road Home: Episode 4

Watch Matt as he travels to the lakes of Jasper National Park!

Navigational Basics: Tips for Learning Traditional Navigation

Learning how to navigate without a GPS can be tough, but we have some tips to help you get started.

How to Convert a Van Into a Camper and Live the Van Life

So you want to live the van life. Where do you start?

EVO JL: 2018 Jeep Wrangler with Over 15 Inches of Suspension Travel

The aftermarket is wasting no time EVOlving the latest Jeep Wrangler platform.

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