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Do These Old Dogs Have New Tricks? Toyota Unveils the New 2021 TRD Pros

A new color & some new gear for the 2021 4Runner, Tacoma & Tundra & Sequoia TRD Pro

What's That Smell? The Science to Maintaining Personal Hygiene While Off-Road

Everything you ever wanted to know (but were too embarrassed to ask) about how to keep yourself and the environment clean during your overlanding adventures.

5 Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Off-Road Rig on the Cheap

You don’t have to break the bank on the best-of-the-best vehicle armor and recovery mods to avoid damage to your rig. Here are five ways that resourcefulness and know-how can win the day.

Jeep Forward Control Trucks Kicked-Off a (Brief) Cab-Over Revolution

The FC's unusual styling would make an indelible imprint on Jeep's history.

On the Trail: Exploring the Mountains of Maryland with Erik Miller

Take a break from the city life and find some adventure!

Breadcrumbs: Ford's New Navigation Trick Helps Keep Off-Roaders from Getting Lost

It might be a simple software feature, but it could potentially be a big help on the trail.

Chasing Dust: Prerunners on the Mojave Road

127 miles of dirt, from Barstow to Laughlin. You in?

The Twin Turbo 2021 Ford Bronco is Here! (In Race-Inspired Prototype Form)

It might be an off-road prototype, but it's the closet look we've had yet at the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco.

Overlanding Gear You Actually Need (Updated)

Real world tips, tricks and product reviews for overlanding.

10 Craziest Big Money Off-Road 4x4 Rigs

Which trucks would be our picks for conquering the great outdoors in the most flamboyant fashion possible?

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