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Overland Essentials Revisited

Real world tips, tricks and product reviews for overlanding.

10 Craziest Big Money Off-Road 4x4 Rigs

Which trucks would be our picks for conquering the great outdoors in the most flamboyant fashion possible?

Growing Up Outside: Torn Saetern’s Overland Toyota 4Runner

Growing up isn't so bad if it means we get to spend the weekend with our family in a fully-equipped overlanding 4Runner.

Mall Crawler No More: Lexus Goes Overlanding with GXOR Concept

The luxury Japanese automaker jumps into the overlanding movement with its outfitted luxury SUV.

Pacific Northwest Overlanding Excellence: Rigstock Meet Recap [Gallery]

With so many great off-roading locations there are in the Pacific Northwest, a slew of amazing vehicles showed up to Rigstock.

After 'Wheeling: What We Fixed Post EJS

Clocking in over 5,000 miles in two weeks, we take a look at just how well our 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon fared.

Chasing Dust: Off-Roading the Southwest with Four Wheel Campers [Video]

Ride shotgun with Matt as he takes one serious overland vehicle to Moab, Arizona, and Death Valley!

Four Wheel Campers: Serious Digs for Serious Overlanders

Fire up Craigslist – it’s time to sell that roof top tent.

Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition On- and Off-Road Review

Stylish, comfortable and capable. The Pathfinder is a CUV you can take from the highways to the trails.

5 Harbor Freight Essentials for Off-Road Camping

The best value off-road camping gear at your local hardware store!

Toy Haulin’ with Jayco: Octane Super Lite 260 Review

Scoring a lightweight toy hauler that sleeps eight, fits a four-seat RZR and cost us less than $25K.

10 Reasons to Be at Jeep Beach

Sun, sand and 'wheeling with friends. Who doesn’t need a good vacation?

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