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Need a Bigger Bronco? Is the Ford Explorer Timberline or Expedition Timberline the Better Choice?

We compare this pair of 4WD, three-row, EcoBoost Ford SUVs with extra off-road chops.

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2022: 15 High-Powered Trucks Take On The Chassis Dyno

The quest for 3,000rwhp wasn’t just achieved, it was obliterated at U.C.C. 2022.

Editor's Picks

OTT: Uphill Both Ways in the Snow on the Nitto Nomad Grappler

Nature: One minute it's all sunshine, cartoon squirrels, and musical numbers. The next, it's beating you like you owe it money. Guess which version we ran into on the Gold River Trail.

Tackling Superstition Mountain Open OHV Area by Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco: OTT

If you've ever dreamed of off-roading next to a military gunnery range, we have just the place for you. In this edition of On the Trail, we take to Superstition Mountain OHV near San Diego.

3,000 Miles In: The Nitto Nomad Grappler Makes Our Toyota RAV4 Prime Funner & Tougher

From snow to mud to the daily commute: we put 3,000 miles on Nitto's new crossover terrain tire.

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2022: Drag Racing At Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park

Three full-size diesel trucks make 4-second eighth-mile passes—and seven more run mid 5’s at U.C.C. 2022.

Exhilarating Driving Experience: The LS3 V8 Troy Indy Special

The vintage-inspired Troy Indy Special delivers maximum performance with minimal distraction.

Editor's Picks

Fat ‘N’ Furious: A Curvy Custom 1950 GMC Pickup Restomod That’s Been All Dressed Up

The Fat Fender Garage crew applied their business-as-usual approach to his project, which was more than enough to deliver the highest quality of detail.

Turbos, V8s, V10s & More: The Five Greatest Toyota Engines of All Time

From the Camry to the MR2 to the LFA, our picks for Toyota's five best motors.

Review: Is The 2022 Honda Ridgeline Still 'Enough' Truck In The Age Of The Ford Maverick?

It's a brave new world for trucks-that-aren't-really-trucks.

Tire Tech: All-Terrain versus Mud-Terrain Tires

We look at which light truck tire works best for different road conditions and terrain, like mud, sand, gravel and more.

Editor's Picks

Off-Road Essentials: Choosing the Right Upgrades for your Crossover SUV

Don't skimp out on these must-haves!

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