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13 Memes You Need for King of the Hammers

If you're a fan of King of the Hammers, some of these might apply to you. 

1. Don't be that guy.

Scumbag Backdoor

We all know one of these guys. He talks a big game but when it comes time, he's holding up the whole line. If you need a refresher on trail etiquette, we've got you covered. 

2. How long can you keep this up, Erik?

KOH Memes girlfriend

Talk about a holdout. Erik Miller and his solid axle Ultra4 are a force to be reckoned with, but this debate is far from over.

3. The one place this isn't frowned upon...

KOH Memes most interesting

Even bartenders in Vegas might give you a funny look. But not here! 

4. We're big on sportsmanship around here.

KOH Memes olympics

That's what Ultra4 is all about. Peeps helping peeps with their overbuilt Jeeps. And recovery isn't just for The Hammers!

5. Let's not be irrational now...

KOH Memes the Rock

Switching to IFS has proven to be a good move for many drivers. But independent rear suspension? You're a mad man...

6. Every. Single. Year.

KOH Memes salt bae

Well maybe you should start putting shoes on before leaving the tent at 4:00 am to pee.

7. Yeah, being on the Wheaties box is cool and all, but... KOH Memes soup

Good and good for you! Come on down and get a wholesome serving of the Campbell's tearing it up on the lakebed this year. 


8. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

KOH Memes Spongebob

If this sounds like any of your friends, we think you need to find some new friends. KOH is the perfect place to meet like-minded 'wheelers!

9. When somebody calls you out for having 37s.

KOH Memes outside

It seems as if 37s are the new 33s. A.K.A. small. Why even bother showing up? 

10. Avoid this at all costs.

KOH Memes floor is

This one comes from (unfortunate) past experiences. Pro tip: Bravely venture into one to steal the tee-pee, hop in the rig and blaze your own trail to an unoccupied bush.

11. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

KOH Memes brain

Now what's your excuse? 

12. They do have some comfy seating areas up there.

KOH Memes thinking

Either way, we've got the whole schedule, along with everything you need to know to be there for all the action!

13. Get it? GET IT!? 

KOH Memes elf

Loren Healy is known for putting his foot down, so we have good reason to be worried he might just fly over all the rock sections this year. 

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