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2021 Ford F150 Platinum Truck Spy Photos

Here are some photos we snagged of the final development prototype of the 2021 Ford F-150 Platinum. There was no question that is was the Platinum model with badging noticeably uncovered on the front quarter panel inserts as well as on the steering wheel.

2021 Ford F150 Platinum badge

The badging matches the various chrome accents on the exterior that we’ve seen on the previous versions of the Platinum model, such as on the grille surround, mirrors, and wheels. Speaking of the grille and mirrors, they appear to have been updated. The grille edges have been smoothed out and the mirror mounts look like they might be the telescopic type that are adjustable to optimize rear viewing while towing.

Front passenger side of Ford F150 Platinum truck

The front bumper also looks like it has changed from the 2020 model, with a slightly new shape and modified inlets. The taillight shape also morphed a bit, and the updated design is in-line with the slightly less angular headlights.

Ford F150 Platinum truck side profile

The F150 makes its official debut in a couple of weeks on June 25th.

Ford F150 Platinum truck rear

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