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5 Mods to Optimize Diesel Towing

There's never been a better time to be a lover of the outdoors. The market is saturated with all types of accessories for an active lifestyle including every size and shape of RV, side-by-sides for off-road adventures, bikes for every purpose and more. And, with the progress diesel trucks have made in the past decade in both performance and livability, getting those toys to where they need to be has never been easier. That being said, there's always room for improvement to your diesel to truck to make big jobs a little bit easier.

Engine Tuning

Modern diesel engines are sold by the manufacturer with huge potential for power gains. With a device like an EZ Lynk, an owner can plug into an OBD port and receive vehicle diagnostics and other information to an app in real time, log data and send/receive tune files. 

Sierra 2500 with RV

This Sierra 2500 is running a tune from GDP Tuning that increases power by 200-230hp. Additionally, the company provides various turnkey profiles and can do vehicle specific tuning based on individual mods.

Sierra Diesel Towing an RV

TCM Tuning

Power is important, of course, but if that can't be efficiently put to the road, it's all just noise and smoke. A transmission control module tune is vital to make the most of engine modifications when towing. The owner of this truck electronically boosts the pressures in the transmission to reduce slippage, which also helps the transmission shift properly and in the correct RPM based on the increased power output.

Nitto Trail Grappler 285/75/18 on Chevy truck

Aftermarket Fuel Lift Pump

If a diesel engine has been modified to make more power, simply put, it will need more fuel. If that need exceeds the OEM pump's capabilities, a failure, or at least a decrease in power, could occur. An aftermarket lift pump, run in conjunction with the stock system, such as this Fass unit, will keep enough fuel flowing to keep up with whatever upgrades you've thrown at it, while also providing enhanced filtration benefits.

Fass Lift Pump

All-Terrain Tires

Chances are that if you are looking to explore the outdoors, you'll have to leave the pavement sooner or later. A high quality all-Terrain tire, like the Nitto Ridge Grappler, will be more than capable off-road, but still have on-road manners for the drive there. Also, make sure to pay attention to the tire's load-rating to ensure that will handle whatever weight you plan to throw at it. 

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Right Hitch

While a diesel truck will be able to handle the majority of jobs with the OEM bumper-mounted hitch, some RVs or trailers may require a goose-neck or fifth-wheel connection. A company like B&W provides sturdy, easy-to-install solutions for your heavy-duty truck. 

Turning Point Gooseneck

The goose-neck mounts to the frame without drilling and uses factory holes. You only have to drill the hole in the middle of the bed for the ball to go through. The 5th wheel mounts to the goose-neck. With that combo, you avoid having permanent obstructions in your bed like with many other systems.

BW Fifth Wheel Mount

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