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7 Trucks That Prove Your Grandpa Is Cool

“Hey dude, what are you doing this weekend?”
“Going to see my grandpa.”

Said no one. Ever.

But this is sad. Grandpas are like abs, baby fat and breathable air; you really only miss them once they’re gone. Here are a few trucks to explain why you should grab a folding chair, a trucker hat and a weak beer to listen to some old man wisdom.

7. Grandpas know something about really using trucks.

Your grandpa may have grown up on a farm, picking crops or helping his own granddad transport grain to the silo. He did all of this without a lift, a tow package or a Warn winch — because he knows one thing for sure, trucks are for getting stuff done.

Truck Ford Chevy

6. They’re patriotic.

Grandpas not only love trucks but they love America. Warts and all. Yes, their political views may not always match your own. But give him five minutes, and your grandfather will remind you why this is the greatest country on Earth. Of course, one of those reasons will be his Chevy.

truck Chevy

5. In his day, trucks had personalities.

Nowadays, most vehicles are mere computers on wheels. Fast, exciting and often flawless computers, but personality-lacking interfaces still. Early trucks had definite personalities — whether it was their grill that looked like a face, bulbous wheel wells, crazy body lines or running boards so big that you could surf on them.

Truck Ford Pickup

4. Grandpa lived in the golden age of design.

If you want to see American automotive design at its best, look no further than a truck from the 1930s and '40s - even into the '60s and '70s trucks held far more design interest. Even the logos were badass, like on this '60s GMC Stepside: 

Truck GMC

3. Because things get better with time.

Your grandpa is probably driving a truck that's much older than you are. Why? Because this vehicle “works just fine.” How can he stand it? Doesn’t he want a new truck? Of course he does. But guess who else always has money when you need to borrow some? Thought so.

Old Dodge Pickup

2. They know stuff you don't.

Think you know everything there is to know about trucks? Of course, no one does. But how about this one? Ever driven a Diamond T? Me neither. But our grandpas very well may have.

Truck Pickup

1. Your grandpa's style is in style.

No, your grandpa probably doesn’t own an Icon Thriftmaster. And “bespoke” isn’t a word he would use to describe any of his trucks. But what makes ICON cool is essentially the same as everything that makes your grandpa cool — opinionated, patriotic and obsessed with trucks.

Truck Icon

Thus, I implore you, if you still have a grandpa, spend some time with him. Especially if you’re an enthusiast and he shares your passion for cars. He may not know what the latest and greatest is, but he’s got something way more valuable: his story.

Here's one truck that's far from grandpa style... but we think yours would dig it. Check out the '90 Dodge Crew Cab "Lobster Wagon."

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