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Adventure Golf: VW's Alltrack Country Concept

In the early 1990s Volkswagen produced a special version of the Mk.II Golf known as the Golf Country which featured Syncro four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, brush guards and some pretty decent capability over medium terrain. It was never sold in the United States, but it quickly developed a cult following among VW fans around around the world.

golf alltrack country concept 07

In many ways the Golf Country was a preview of the crossover SUVs that would become immensely popular over two decades later, and Volkswagen has decided to pay tribute to that car with a new concept vehicle built for this past weekend's SOWO show in Georgia.

golf alltrack country concept 05

Based on the new Golf Alltrack with its 1.8 liter turbocharged TSI engine and 4Motion AWD, the concept takes the Alltrack's adventure-friendly image and ramps it up further with some fitting aftermarket additions.

golf alltrack country concept 03

It starts underneath where the car has been lifted an additional two inches  and fitted with downsized 15 inch wheels and beefy all terrain tires. A roof-mounted tent setup has also been added for those weekend camping trips.

golf alltrack country concept 06

Other upgrades include additional foglights and an LED light bar up front, while the rear features a Thule bike rack with a pair of Trek mountain bikes. There's also a solar-powered media center in the rear with USB ports to charge all your devices.

golf alltrack country concept 01

Not only is the Alltrack Country Concept a fitting tribute to the Mk.II Golf Country, it provides a very cool glimpse at what's possible with the new Golf Alltrack with some simple aftermarket modifications. Look out Subaru, you've got some stiff new competition in the lifted station wagon segment.

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