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Best of Show: A New Year, January Cars & Coffee

Ferrari owners and enthusiasts rejoice, the Chinese New Year of 2014 is the year of the “Horse”. Per the Chinese New Year fortune: Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides people quick transportation before automobiles, so people can quickly reach their destinations. Horse even can help people to win the battle. Therefore Horse is a symbol of traveling, competition and victory. Coincidentally, a friend of mine recently picked up his Ferrari F12 and we brought it to Cars & Coffee. As one of two F12’s that have ever been to Cars & Coffee, it was quite a crowd-pleaser. IMG_7669_rev Ordered in Grigio Silverstone with Cuio interior, the F12 is a true GT/gentleman's car, but with a killer instinct. Think James Bond’s smoothness with Bruce Lee’s skillset. For you black horse signs…checkout this 2013 458 Spyder on its way out. Despite the rear not having the see-thru engine bay, the cover design still pulls off an aggressive feel. IMG_7680_rev Godzilla is a dragon of some sorts, right?  Okay...I'll drop the Chinese astrology! Dragon or no dragon, checkout this heavily modified Nissan Skyline GT-R. IMG_7631_rev This Hudson showed up which was AMAZING. The attention to detail, paint and overall stance really gave this car presence...and it's for SALE! IMG_7662_rev IMG_7656_rev Such a sled!!! Sleeper Wagon alert....not your typical 3 series here! The brushed gold BBS LM’s might be a SLIGHT giveaway…but only to those who know quality wheels. IMG_7649_rev Umm, yeah. That’s an E46 ///M3 S52 motor. 333HP, not a factory option for the wagon. The beauty of the E46 lineup was that a simple swap of the subframe would allow for different motors along the chassis line to be dropped in. IMG_7647_rev Amazing Arancio Borealis (that's a fancy name for "orange") Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. 2 door preference, roof gone, George Jefferson - Mercy. IMG_7684_rev For all you despicable me fans…Lotus Exige with a Minion in tow…not sure which one this guy is. IMG_7760_rev Fresh in from Zuffenhausen, the Porsche 991 GT3 – the first one we’ve seen at Cars & Coffee. PDK only – but sure to please. IMG_8736_rev The piece de reistance (for me at least) - in the wild...a 91’ Acura NSX…FULL MUGEN. IMG_7696_rev I’m an admitted Euro/Exotic guy (apparent from my features) but my roots are in JDM. It will always be my first love and this car and the Mugen mods are the pinnacle of my high school dreams. To quote Ferris Buehler - It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. IMG_7698_rev MUGEN CEO, you best have a bevy of Mugen parts if you’ve got the stones to rock this license plate…and oh yes, it did. IMG_7728_rev The kit itself was sourced from France and individual parts were collected over a long period of time – major props to the owner, I would love to get more info on this car if anyone has  it – hit me on email or leave a comment below. IMG_7736_rev We've definitely been seeing more and more spectators at the world famous Cars & Coffee in Irvine lately - and the whole “rules” deal has seemed to be set aside. Although after some discussions with the coordinators, capacity does at times warrant screening. 2014 will be an exciting year for Cars & Coffee, be sure to check back for our monthly best of!  
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