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Best of Show: October Cars & Coffee

October is here as is the latest installment of The Best of Show, Cars & Coffee Irvine. tucker The "Tesla" of it's time, if you're an automotive enthusiast and you don't know what a Tucker is...go rent the movie or read up on it here! So advanced for its time. The US government and the big automotive manufactures shut him down, but this car still was able to make huge technology and safety influences that we see in many cars today. tucker_rear With only 47 Tuckers still existing today, seeing one driving around in public is a huge rarity. With a price tag more than most exotic cars, and just so fun to look at (check out the six exhaust pipes exiting the bumper!) it made Cars & Coffee even more special than usual. ford_model_ Speaking of old manufacturers, caught this very cool Ford Model A. mclaren_mp412c_spyder Some crazy British Livery on this McLaren 650S Spyder courtesy of McLaren Newport Beach. porsche_991_gt3 Starting to see more of these show up: The amazing Porsche 991 GT3 - track derived. lamborghini_row Generations: Lamborghini LP550-2. Hurcán and GrandDaddy Diablo VT Anniversary Edition. huracan_lp610 Lamborghini's latest offering, the Huracán - has hit land and has everyone talking. LP570_squarda_corsa The last of the Gallardos: The LP570 Squadra Corse. Not for the meek. This special edition features the "Final Edition" fascia. squadra_corse_lp_interior The interior is equally aggressive, full alcantara and carbon fiber adorn the entire cabin. sklyline_hako JDM-heads will recognize this sick Datsun GT-R Hako - sitting on Panasports, so period correct. The Japanese muscle car of the time... R32_skyline_gtr Speaking of JDM Muscle - Can't forget Godzilla - the Nissan Skyline GTR R32. mr2_sw20 A few Toyota MR-2 Turbo's showed up. I have a special place in my heart for these since Iused to own a '93 MR-2 Turbo...which left me stranded twice in Fullerton due to timing belt issues, ah the good ol' days! hotrods_cobra A couple of classic American hot rod's to keep up with the JDM muscle... E30_m3_bmw DTM Classic - BMW E30 M3 on BBS RS mesh. E39_m3_wagon e39_bmw_wagon_m5 What's wrong with Wagons? Don't mess with this's a full BMW M5 Conversion! E39_m3_wagon This is the view most people will get if you try to battle this grocery-getter! m4_vorsteiner Unless, of course, you're in this - the latest BMW M4 Coupe, with Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Aero and wheels - Stay tuned for a full feature on this car coming soon! bmw_e36_ltw One more BMW M3, E36 chassis - an ultra rare lightweight version! porsche_racecar This amazing Gruppe B Porsche Racecar showed up in the Marquee Area, stealing the show. porsche_classic_marquee 3_wheel_red Super random and super cool - this 3-wheel Reliant Rialto... red_3wheel_uk Checkout that pea shooter exhaust! Beep Beep! See you guys next month! Watch this months video below...
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