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Bronco Mania is Coming: Ford Previews A Variety of Custom Builds for SEMA 2021

It's been clear from the very moment we first learned that Ford was bringing back the Bronco nameplate, as a rival to Jeep Wrangler, that widespread aftermarket support would be a big part of the Bronco's appeal. With the Bronco, as well as the Bronco Sport, now making their way into the hands of owners across the country, it comes as a shock to nobody that Ford is basing its 2021 SEMA Show presence around these SUVs.

And with the show scheduled to kick off in Las Vegas next week, Ford has given us a preview of some of the modified Broncos and Bronco Sports it'll be displaying at SEMA this year.


Among the builders displaying their Bronco builds at SEMA this year is our friend Vaughn Gittin Jr. who will be showing off his RTR Fun-Runner Bronco. Based on the 2.3L EcoBoost two-door Bronco, the Fun-Runner is sporting both original RTR upgrades and parts from the Ford Performance catalog—including a catback exhaust.

Ford Bronco RTR Fun-Runner

Also among the new factory-backed performance parts Ford is debuting for the Bronco at SEMA is an engine tuning package for 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine. And if it's anything like the tunes for other EcoBoost vehicles it should provide for some substantial gains.

SEMA 2021 Ford Bronco Build

From Recon Grapplers to Tank Treads

Some of the other notable Broncos that will be shown in the Ford booth include a four-door Bronco built by Baja Forged, which not only wears the company's upgraded bumpers but a number of mods as well - including a set of the new on Nitto Recon Grappler all-terrain tires.

SEMA 2021 Baja Forged Bronco

Or if you want to get really wild, there's the four-door Bronco from Tucci Hot Rods that's done away with traditional wheels and tires altogether in favor of tracks for deep snow use. Under the hood is a 2.3 EcoBoost mated to the seven-speed manual transmission. 

New Bronco four door on Tank Treads or snow tracks

Love for the Little Guy

Not to be left out at SEMA is the Bronco Sport. No, it may not have the same level of hype that the "big" Bronco has, but this rugged crossover has not only proven its capability, but it's looking demonstrate its aftermarket potential as well.

SEMA 2021 Bronco Sport Build

Baja Forged has also given its off-road treatment to the Bronco Sport, with this Badlands model rocking a two-inch lift, ICON suspension and a set of Nitto all-terrains to go along with its Ford Performance factory-backed upgrades.

SEMA 2021 Baja Forged Bronco Sport

Of course these builds will only scratch the surface of the Bronco representation at SEMA next week, and we'd wager a good amount of money that Bronco twins will be considered the most popular platforms at this year's event.

  • Speaking of the RTR Fun-Runner, here's our look at the Ford Ranger version of the same concept. 
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