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Ford and BDS Suspension Unveil the Fire Command Bronco Custom

BDS Suspension just showed everyone at SEMA what happens when kids grow up, get into customs, and build the fire truck they always wanted as children. Which is a fancy way of saying that when Built Wild Bronco brand made its live debut at SEMA, BDS's 2021 Bronco here (aka Fire Command) was front and center at the Ford booth for the occasion.

Ford BDS Fire Command Bronco three quarter profile

Built Wild showcases a gallery of customized two- and four-door Broncos and Bronco Sport SUVs across a wide range of terrains to tackle. As we speak, there are four Broncos and two Bronco Sports gathering all kinds of attention in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show, made by some of the biggest and brightest off-road builders in the industry. Not only does each one sport a Christmas list of Genuine Ford Parts, Ford Licensed Accessories, and Ford Performance upgrades, they're also chock full of aftermarket enhancements and custom pieces to boot.

close up of bds suspension shock absorbers on ford bronco

With Fire Command, that meant transforming a Ford Bronco Black Diamond Edition into a half-cab truck that's all about fire and rescue. BDS Suspension, a subsidiary of Fox Shocks, created the off-road first responder as the ultimate off-road fire truck. Naturally it packs plenty of gear in and out for rescue personnel to tackle terrain and get the job done. The company equipped the ultra-capable vehicle with a BDS 4-inch UCA System, utilizing Fox 2.5 PES coilovers, BDS rear adjustable control arms and track bar, and swaybar disconnect. But the fun doesn't end there. Here's a more complete break-down of what went into making Fire Command a reality.

view of BDS Ford Bronco bed upgrades

BDS Suspensions Fire Command Ford Bronco Specs:


driving the 2021 Ford Bronco Fire Command custom


  • BDS 4-inch DSC Coilover Lift System
  • FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series Coilovers with Remote DSC Reservoir
  • BDS Uniball Upper Control Arms
  • Adjustable Rear Upper/Lower Control Arms and Track Bar

Wheels and Tires

nitto trail grapplers ford bronco in profile


rear view of BDS Suspensions Ford Bronco Fire Command



cockpit view of BDS Suspensions custom Ford Bronco

For more on what's happening with BDS Suspension, check out their blog.

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