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Cool Customs and Rad Restorations at the Multi-State Datsun Classic

Among the fall colors and sunny skies of Williams, Arizona, the 7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic brought out Datsuns of every color, condition and state of modification. Walking along the rows of cars and trucks, there was everything from Japanese Classic Car Show quality restorations to engine-swapped rag tops and everything in between. Here are just a few that stood out along the spectrum of modification.

datsunmeetingwilliams 86

1. KLR BEE Datsun 510

This KLR BEE 510 was easily among one of the brightest cars in attendance. The Corvette yellow paint with shaved side markers and Watanabe wheels made for a killer (pun intended) package. If memory serves, this particular 510 actually has a KA24DE from a 240SX under the hood, meaning it runs as great as it looks.

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2. BRE's "Best Of" Datsun Classic Award Recipient

When the men of Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) get together for their 50th anniversary and award a 510 their “Best Of” award, it’s safe to say that 510 is something special. On top of that, this 510 has driven every bit of the remaining Route 66 but is still in pristine condition. The huge album in the engine bay contains photographic proof of every stop and sightseeing attraction along Route 66, which just goes to show how great a truly functional show car can be.

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3. Widebody Datsun 280Z

Near the very end of the row of cars, a bright white 280Z sat beaming away under the cloudless sky. The first thing to jump out is the G-nose kit, followed closely by the molded widebody and Porsche 911 wing. The massive overfenders house 15 inch wide wheels out back, which the owner laments requiring “special tires imported from a spec racing series in Europe” to the tune of approximately $2500 per set of 4. Whether this is a slight exaggeration or not, those babies can’t be cheap!

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4. Swapped Datsun 510 Wagon

A final pick from the meet was this great 510 wagon with a VQ35 powerplant swap. The wagon’s sliding ragtop, no-frills interior and unassuming exterior made for a great little sleeper wagon. With the hood closed and nearly stock exhaust out back, there's almost nothing to tip off the power under the hood.

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Make sure to check out a few more details from these Datsuns in the gallery below and catch the rest of this show’s coverage here!

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