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Currie Enterprises Invades The Hoonigan Shop

By now very nearly everyone in the car world has heard of the tour de force that is Hoonigan. Regardless of your automotive scene, you’ve probably seen one of the Gymkhana videos featuring Head Hoonigan in Charge - Ken Block, drooled over Brian Scotto’s Napalm Nova and pearl white on red Rauh Welt 911, or watched one of their many burnout compilation videos.

Hoonigan Currie Enterprise Jeep Meet

When Hoonigan moved their “Doughnut Shop” from Downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach, they opened up the property to clubs looking to host meets and rip some burnouts before heading home afterwards. This weekend was Currie Enterprises’ Jeep Meet and it didn’t disappoint. Due to the blocky shape and similar dimensions of the Jeeps in attendance, they were stacked (sometimes quite literally) into the lot in front of the shop and sat gleaming in the Saturday sun. Even the Long Beach Fire Department couldn’t help but check out what was going on, so take a look for yourself!

Hoonigan Currie Enterprise Jeep Meet

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