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EL KAPITAN! Ford Transit MX Conversion Van

Growing up, vans were probably the last vehicle you'd ever categorize as cool. These days, van culture has transformed the way we look the people haulers. When it comes to building them for camping and off-road adventure, Ford seems to be the platform of choice. With the phasing out of the E-series chassis in 2014, we're now seeing the aftermarket ramp up for the very diverse Ford Transit. While you still can't get them from the factory in a four-wheel-drive configuration, that hasn't stopped the aftermarket from transforming the Transit into rugged multipurpose machines.

el kapitan ford transit 1

At this year's SEMA Show, Ford had an El Kapitan MX Conversion van on display. As you can see in the video above, the Transit was crafted for serious moto enthusiasts. Built with a power lift gate that secures two bikes safely in the bed of the van and adorned with the latest off-road armor from Aluminess, it was one of the best built Transits we've ever come across. It even had a set of Nitto Trail Grapplers to ensure it had proper footing to make it to more remote riding destinations. This is definitely not your grandma's van and something we could see us driving from coast to coast. Now, we just need to get Ford on the ball to make a 4x4 version!

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