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Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum vs GMC Sierra EV Denali: Battle of the Loaded EV Pickups

With GMC just officially debuting the 2024 GMC Sierra EV, it's fitting to see how the latest entry in the EV truck segment stacks up against the competition.

Ford F-150 Lightning vs GMC Sierra EV Denali

At nearly $109,000 for the fully-loaded Denali Edition 1, the first Sierra EVs aren't going to be cheap, but let's see what that money will get you when compared directly against the Ford F-150 Lightning EV in its top-of-the-line Platinum trim.

Pricing & Value

While less expensive versions of the Sierra EV will join the lineup for the '25 model year, to start off the 2024 Denali Edition 1 has an MSRP of $108,695 after destination.

GMC Sierra EV Denali Charging

The F-150 Lightning Platinum, meanwhile, comes in with an MSRP just over $98,000, making it over $10,000 cheaper than the GMC.

Ford F-150 Lightning Silver at Night

It should be noted that Ford has already raised the Lightning's MSRP a couple of times in response to rising material costs so it's possible the value gap could change in the future.

Ford F-150 Lightning Interior

Performance & Range

While it has an MSRP about 10 grand higher than the Ford, the GMC looks to have a significant advantage in both performance and driving range.

GMC Sierra EV Denali Frunk

The Denali makes 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque, while the F-150 Lightning Platinum makes 580 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque. 

Ford F-150 Lightning on Job Site

Honestly, either of those horsepower figures might be overkill for a pickup truck, but the Denali's advantage can't be denied if you are looking for the quickest rig.

GMC Sierra Denali Interior

More importantly, though, the Sierra EV Denali will have a driving range of 400 miles on a charge compared to the Lightning Platinum's 300 miles. That's a major advantage, especially if you plan on doing road trips or towing a trailer.

Ford F-150 Lightning hooked to an airstream camper Trailer

But Can You Get One?

As with so many new vehicle releases these days, one of the bigger questions beyond just comparing specs and factory MSRPs is real-world availability.

GMC Sierra EV Denali Towing

The F-150 Lightning has been in production for a while now, but the trucks are by no means easy to come by. Even the recent price increases haven't appeared to slow demand.

Ford F-150 Lightning Testing in the Wet

At the moment, if you want to buy a Lightning, your choices are either to hopefully get an order in through an MSRP dealership and wait it out, or to pay big ADM for something on a lot. 

Ford F-150 Lightning Front View

It's going to be a while before real-world comparisons can be made between the two trucks, but for now, it looks like the GMC might be the more impressive vehicle from a technical standpoint, but one that comes at a higher cost.

GMC Sierra EV Denali Front View

We also look forward to seeing how the less expensive trims of the F-150 Lightning compare against the more affordable Sierra EV models when those arrive for the '25 model year.

  • If you want to know more about the platform beneath the GMC Sierra EV, here's a deep dive into the Hummer EV, which shares many of its traits and technology. 
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