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Gearhead's Gift Guide: DEEP Lifestyles

The first time we spotted DEEP Lifestyles, we were at the Streets of Long Beach. Through the sea of Formula Drift, Boost Brigade and of course Driving Line exclusive T-shirts, this brand was slowing emerging in the automotive scene. It began to pop up at more and more events like AutoCon, Formula Drift Irwindale and Winter Drive that we knew we had to dig a little deeper. DEEP Lifestyles is a Los Angeles-based brand that takes styling cues from music, skateboarding and of course, automotive enthusiasts.

DEEP Lifestyles

We are getting deep into the holiday season, and if you aren't close to finishing your Christmas shopping, then you might be in some deep trouble. Luckily, you've stumbled upon the right place, because this quick guide should be perfect for that gearhead who thinks they're too cool for normal car shirts.



DEEP Lifestyles - Eyewear - Laguna

DEEP Lifestyles started out with only eyewear, but in a short period of time has evolved into a streetwear brand that carries accessories, apparel, headwear and travel gear. They have also been known for their collaborations; such as exclusive eyewear with Formula Drift .



DEEP Lifestyles - Headwear - Quon Snapback

Whether you're going on-road or off-road, no one will turn down a hat. Perfect for blocking out the sun or covering up for those times you just don't feel like doing your hair.



DEEP Lifestyles - Travel - Go Bag

If you've ever had to cover an automotive event you know the struggle between traveling light and carrying everything you need with you. On the outside, the sleek Go Bag has straps to keep everything tight, while on the inside there are multiple compartments to keep everything from your laptop to your power bank organized.



DEEP Lifestyles - Jacket - Impossible Reversible Jacket

Some automotive events span more than one day, and you don't want to be caught wearing the same thing twice. Fool everyone by packing this reversible jacket on your next automotive trip; go with the white sleeves on Friday and then blacked out on Saturday.


DEEP Lifestyles - Jacket - Winter Jacket

The show must go on. Rarely are major automotive events canceled or rescheduled due to the weather, so when Mother Nature has no chill, fight back with this new winter jacket. Stay dry, stay fresh.


We got an exclusive look at some brand new merchandise that hasn't even been released to the public yet. So while these might not make it for that Christmas tree, they are great gift ideas for anyone you might not see until 2017.


DEEP Lifestyles - Hoodie

The hoodie to represent your hood — L.A. all day!


DEEP Lifestyles - Zip Up Hoodie

Some events you just want to fly under the radar and focus on getting your work done. Look out for this brand new zip up hoodie for those who like to still look good, but act low key about it.


DEEP Lifestyles - Bomber Jacket

My personal favorite, and something I'll definitely be asking Santa for next year, is this new DEEP bomber jacket. It's comfortable, it's stylish and it's got pockets on the sleeve that I will probably never use — and that's what I love about it. The chest logo with their motto "Dare to Dream the Impossible" is attached by velcro and will be the perfect thing for my fingers to fidget with during those anxious times at events I'm waiting around for something to happen.

A little unconventional for the average gearhead, but totally awesome. Just like how the Los Angeles automotive scene is a mixture of different cultures, DEEP Lifestyles takes elements from what makes this little town of ours cool.

(Photos by: Anna Barrett, Justin Pagtalunan)

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