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Gearhead's Gift Guide: Meister Watches

Never lose track of your fastest lap time again. Whether you're shopping for yourself or that special gearhead this holiday season, Meister is here for you just in the nick of time. Just like how we push our vehicles to the limits for the thrill of the drive, Meister Watches pushes boundaries of contemporary fashion without compromising traditional craftsmanship.

Meister Watch

While we'd love to get our hands on either of these awesome watches, there are two in particular that are pulling our little automotive hearts: the re-designed Racer MKII and brand new Speedster. 

Return of the Racer

Mesiter Watch - Racer MKII

Who doesn't love a little carbon fiber to go with some genuine leather? Meister brings back a classic — the Racer MKII — but with a few upgrades, of course. Inspired by the love of motorsports, this watch will remind you of gripping the steering wheel inside a racecar. From the dual-layer carbon fiber dial to the redline-like accents, the details are meant to mimic the gauges of a car. Think of it as an elegant dashboard on your wrist.

Meister Watch - Racer MKII

New Record Time

Meister Watch - Speedster

Newly released in 2016, the Speedster is Meister's most recent addition to the team. Just like a racecar, it not only looks cool, but it's functional as well. It has a multi-piece bolt-down case that looks like a multi-piece bolt on wheels, a layered bezel cut to resemble a piston head and a dial face similar to a gauge cluster. There's also a cutout to see the spinning gears of the automatic movement, to showcase the "engine" that drives the watch. Meister's attention to detail on the Speedster will please any gearhead.

Meister Watch - Speedster

See more features of these two watches in the gallery below or in this Meister unboxing video:

What are you waiting for? Hurry over to Meister now! From seasonal sales to a free gift with a holiday collection purchase, this is the perfect time to get a Meister Watch.

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