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Global Pickup: The Next Gen Ford Ranger has Arrived, When Will it Come to America?

For those of us in North America, it might seem to strange to hear that Ford has just debuted the next generation of their mid-sized pickup truck.

2023 Ford Ranger in Desert

Debuting here for the 2019 model year, you'd think it's too early for an all-new model to come around, but the Ranger currently on sale here is actually much older than that.

In fact the current Ranger's T6 platform goes all the way back to 2010, which is when it debuted for some of Ford's key International markets including Australia, Thailand and South America.

2023 Ford Ranger Lineup

So when Ford finally decided to build and sell the T6 Ranger in North America it was already nearing the end of its lifespan, and now they've taken the wraps off the next gen international model, with our own US version to follow.

2023 Ford Ranger Silver

As you'd expect, the new truck is still easily identifiable as a Ranger, though the updated look is sporting some clear influences from other recent Ford trucks like the F-150 and the new Maverick. It's also slightly larger than the current model, while still retaining a size more appropriate for non-US roads. 

2023 Ford Ranger Gray

The largest change comes inside, where the cabin gets a modern update and again shares a look with other recent Fords, exemplified by an optional large, vertically-oriented infotainment screen.

2023 Ford Ranger Interior

Engine Options

Expect Ford to include the 2.3L EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder, a pair of four-cylinder turbodiesel engines and a 3.0 liter V6 turbodiesel—though for now it remains unlikely we'll see a turbodiesel version here in North America.

2023 Ford Ranger Gray

What is more likely though, is the addition of a V6 EcoBoost option to compliment the 2.3 that's been the sole powerplant of the US market Ranger to this point.

2023 Ford Ranger White

The twin turbo V6 is already used in the Ranger's platform-mate, the Bronco, and would make the perfect engine for a domestic version of the Ranger Raptor.

2023 Ford Ranger in Desert

The international version is scheduled to begin production next year, and we should see the debut of the American version sometime in the next several months, likely as a 2023 model.

Ford Ranger on Nitto Trail Grappler tires

In the short time it's been here, the Ranger has already helped put Ford right back toward the top of the mid-size pickup segment, and we'll be excited to see exactly what they have in store for the American version when it arrives next year. 

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