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InstaObsession: How to Turn Your Car Pics Into Works of Art With the Prisma App

Whether you’re working towards being #InstaFamous or just love taking photos of your car, the recently released Prisma app will quickly make you fall in love because of the way it can transform an ordinary picture into something extraordinary. Check it out...

Prisma App Favorite Filters

Currently with 29 different filters, Prisma uses artificial intelligence and some hocus pocus to make it look like you’ve got mad art skills. Using the free app is easy, even if it does take a little bit of patience while it cranks out the edited version (we’re talking about 10-30 seconds of patience.)

Prisma App How To Use

Skeptics might be thinking, “An app with filters? That’s soooo 2009.” But these aren’t just any simple filters, they truly transform an average car photo (or even an awesome one) into a work of art. Here are 11 of our favorite Prisma filters practiced on a few Driving Line photos...

11 Favorite Prisma App Filters for Cars

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

1. Heisenberg: As in the real-life physicist who inspired Breaking Bad's Walter White. This filter works awesome with tiretracks and dust!

2. Composition: It simplifies your photo, drawing attention to what truly matters. Plus, it's color palette doesn't hurt either.

Recognize this photo? It's Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s awesome "Funhaver" Ford F-150. Watch it hoon in this video.

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

3. Running in the Storm: Intensified colors and subtle brush strokes make this a stunner.

4. Curtain: Dream-like other-worldliness with altered color palettes and wavy brush strokes transcend your photo.

See more of the eye-popping, hand-formed, all-aluminum recreation of Frank Lockhardt's Stutz Black Hawk here.

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

5. Marcus D - Lone Wolf: This Prisma filter flattens by grouping tones and creating a detailed, drawn look with great style.

6. Dreams: With big chunky, visible brush strokes and a minimized color palette, Prisma's "Dreams" filter is one of its most popular.

You can say dreamy again. Taking a ride in 3 supercars in 1 afternoon up the Angeles Crest Highway is enough to put stars in your head, read about it here.

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

7. Gothic: High-contrast with colors that almost make you feel like you're looking through a stained-glass window, this Prisma filter creates a very convincing painting-like look.

8. Tokyo: Turning a bit more towards pop-art, this filter gives a watercolor look with pops of blue, purple, and pink thrown in.

One of our favorites... The Nitto Trail Grappler is tough enough to get you wherever you want to go. Find out how to choose the best Grappler for your application in our handy Grappler guide.

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

9. Wave: Elements from the iconic "The Great Wave" by Katsushika Hokusai show up all over this filter. From wave-like formations, dotty water sprays, and a muted aqua palette.

10. Light Summer Reading: Is it just me, or does this name come from the fact that this looks kinda like what's on the cover of my Kindle reader?

This car is enough to put me on another planet... And seeing this K30 out at King of The Hammers almost did. Read up on the full build article.

Prisma App Favorite Filters Car Photography

11. Udnie: Bringing in elements from the paintings of Francis Picabia, the Udnie filter simplifies lines while creating movement and character. 

12. I loved the "Composition" filter so much, I had to use it again!

I couldn't leave out my own car from this mix... She's a 1955 Studebaker. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for my next trip out to the Bonneville Salt Flats with her for Speedweek!

What are you waiting for?! Go download the Prisma app for free on iTunes or Google Play - and be sure to share what you created with Driving Line by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram!

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