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It's Good to Be Boss: How One Enthusiast Made Chevy's Silverado Trail Boss Even Better

Looking through today’s automotive lineups, you’ll quickly see that many brands are chock full of non-descript, alphanumeric model names that are quick to confuse and easy to forget.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss with graphic background

“Hey, do you think I should buy the Volvo XC90 or the Mazda CX-90? What about the BMW i5 edrive 40?” Who could say?

What's in a Name?

But every once in a while an automaker comes out with name that just works. One that’s evocative, simple and easy to remember.

Chevy Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grappler tires Rear View

A name like “Trail Boss,” which Chevy has been using on its off-road oriented pickup trucks since 2019.

Chevy Trail Boss Silverado Front View on Nitto Trail Grappler

Nitto Pit Crew member Taylor Aungst, the owner of the truck dubbed “PeaceLoveTrailboss” was a fan of Chevy’s Silverado Trail Boss since the day it was announced. And after a quick test drive, he was sold, taking ownership of his 2020 Silverado 1500 Trail Boss Custom in May of 2020.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grapplers

Though the Trail Boss was designed to be capable rig out of the box, Taylor also knew he wanted to put a few of his own touches and improvements on the truck — which serves as both his daily driver and fun rig for desert off-road excursions.

Chevy Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grappler

In fact, from the moment he bought the Chevy, Taylor knew he wanted the aggressive looks and proven capability of the Nitto Trail Grappler Mud Terrain tire.

Nitto Trail Grappler MT Tire

Grapplers Fit for a Boss

And he specifically had his eye 35-inch Trail Grapplers, which are a few inches larger than what the Trail Boss comes with from the factory. And to that, the truck would need a sizable lift.

Lifted Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

So before the tires could be fitted, Taylor installed a 6-inch Rough Country lift kit, adding a new level of aggression to the Chevy’s stance.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grappler

Once the lift was done, he was all good to fit the 35x12.50 R20 Trail Grapplers, which he’s mounted on a set of 20-inch black-finished Sledge wheels from Fuel Off Road.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grappler and Fuel Off Road wheels

The resulting combination turned out even better than expected — aggressive and true to the spirit of Trail Boss name.

Additional Subtle Upgrades

Taylor has since done a few other subtle upgrades to the truck, including a set of headlights from Anzo USA and a pair of GoRecon taillights. He’s also fitted a GenY drop hitch to handle towing duty and accessories.

Chevy Trail Boss Drop Hitch

And they are all fitting upgrades for a realistic build that's part daily workhorse and part recreational toy.

Silverado Trail Boss Front Grille

More to Come

As with so many enthusiasts we talk to, Taylor says one of the best things about the truck has been all the new relationships and connections it’s provided through the @TrailBossNation and @PeaceLoveTrailboss social media accounts.

Silverado Trail Boss Rear View

He also tells us there’s more to come on the truck, including a set of larger 37-inch Trail Grapplers on 22 or 24-inch wheels, which will naturally require an even more aggressive 7 or 9-inch lift.

Chevy Silverado Trail Boss on Nitto Trail Grappler

What can we say? Bigger is better when you are the Trail Boss.

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