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Let Granny Drive the 'Vette

You're never too old for a good burnout. Watch this grandma get behind the wheel of a 900 hp procharged C7 Corvette in this 1320video joyride. Enjoy some of our favorite moments of the video:

1.  Grandma's a badass.

Someone's got a rockstar attitude.

2.  Tell us about the car, Grandma.

All true!

3.  If a cop pulls you over...

"Well, I don't know, officer!"

4.  118 mph!!!

You GO, Grandma!

5.  Own that road.

60? Pshhh...

6.  Final stage: Burnout.

You wish your grandma was this cool.

If you thought one granny driving a C7 was cool, wait until you see two grannies drive a Lambo!

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