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Mopar Insanity: 5 Craziest Hemi Swaps

In the automotive world, the word Hemi has always meant big power. However, when it comes to big power outside of a Mopar chassis, the LSx has long been the more popular option. But that's not to say it can't be done.  Here are a few people who thought out of the box and built five Hemi-swapped cars that you've never imagined.

1. 2,386HP Hemi-Swapped Supra

Many would say that swapping a 2JZ out of a Supra is sacrilegious. If you have to replace a 2JZ with another motor, it has to be epic. Prospeed Autosports out of Houston, Texas is no stranger to building high horsepower drag cars. They’ve built dozens of 1,000+ horsepower cars, some breaking the ¼ mile in six seconds. When looking to build a Supra with more reliable power than the 2JZ could handle, Prospeed went all out to build a fire breathing drag car.

Hemi swapped Supra flames

In place of the iron block inline six is a billet 527ci Hemi V8 built by Arrow Machine of Brenham, Texas. Paired with a massive 106mm Precision Mod turbocharger, the Hemi-powered Supra puts out 2,386hp to the wheels on methanol!      

Hemi swapped Supra

Why would someone pull a proven motor, cut up a Supra and stuff a Hemi with a giant turbo in its place? According to Prospeed, the answer is simple: “so more time can be spent racing and less time on maintenance with the engine.”

Hemi swapped Supra

2. 1953 Willys Wagon SRT8 

This unsuspecting '53 Willys Wagon has been restored inside and out. Under the skin is a front clip from a Chevy S10, and the rear springs, swaybar and all four brakes are from a Ford Explorer.

Hemi Swapped Willys Wagon

For those who don't know, after its inception, Willys become Kaiser-Jeep, which was bought by AMC, which along the way became the Jeep brand and was bought by Chrysler. So when it came to modern day power options, it was only natural to inject some Hemi power under the hood. The 6.1L Hemi crate motor looks right at home in the Willys's engine bay. All 450hp is managed by a Dodge Viper six-speed manual transmission sending power to the 8.8-inch rear end with an LSD.

Hemi Swapped Willys Wagon

3. The Japanese Challenger: Hemi-Swapped Infiniti G35

What if you liked the Infiniti G35 design but also lived by the “Mopar or no car” mantra? You build your own Japanese Challenger.

Hemi swapped Infiniti G35

Not content with the stock 280hp 3.5L VQ power of his G35, Sandy Meyers pulled a 5.7L Hemi out of a 2010 Challenger and stuffed it between the front wheels of his Infiniti. Furthermore, Sandy upgraded the intake, fuel rails and injectors from a 6.1L Hemi. An AEM ECU ties everything together and gets the car running.

Hemi swapped Infiniti G35

4. Miata Hellcat 

It never seems like a Miata has enough horsepower. YouTube channel KARR is solving that problem by pulling the NB Miata’s stock 140hp 1.8L four-cylinder and installing a 707hp supercharged Hemi out of a Hellcat.

Hemi swapped Miata Hellcat

The swap is currently a work in progress but KARR has gotten the motor mounted into the engine bay and is working on getting everything else mounted and running. Once they do, they will have a car under 3,000 lbs making 6x the power of the stock motor.

Hemi swapped Miata Hellcat

5. Prius Hellcat: PriuSRT8

American Racing Headers sought out to bring together two opposite ends of the automotive spectrum. They combined one of the most fuel efficient and hated cars on the market, a Prius, and a symbol of excess, a Challenger Hellcat, and created the PriuSRT8.

Hemi Prius Drag Racer

This swap goes beyond fabbing up some engine mounts. The firewall had to be cut and battery pack had to be removed, to name a few things. In fact, aside from the exterior panels, not much is left of the original Prius. The Prius body sits on a custom tube frame chassis, much like a drag car.

Hemi Prius Drag Racer

As if 707hp wasn’t enough, American Racing Headers added a bigger supercharger. The Hellcat motor now makes 1,000hp and passes through the ¼ mile in 9.38 seconds. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual, possibly making the PriuSRT8 the world’s only manual Prius.

Hemi Prius vs Hellcat drag race

There are a ton of crazy Cummins swaps as well.

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