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My Drift Car Challenge: Stew40 vs. Matt Powers at Grangé [Video]

The beauty of My Drift Car Challenge is that it brings people from all around the world together and quite literally puts them on one track. Our latest competitor Stewart Gaudes drove his 1JZ-swapped 240SX all the way from Canada to California just to compete against his hero Matt Powers.

My Drift Car Challenge Matt Powers

This battle takes place at the tight Grangé Motor Circuit, where the entire course is determined by the entry of turn one. It takes a ton of guts. Right after you clear turn one, you have to gather your composure and keep it tight and technical for the rest of the track.

My Drift Car Challenge Drifting

This battle saw identical runs from both Matt Powers and Steward Gaudes, which sent it into a one more time situation. During the Sudden Death battles, Stewart went full hot rod and spun after his amazing entry. All Matt Powers had to do was put a solid run together to cross the finish line, and that’s exactly what he did.

My Drift Car Challenge Group

We can’t wait to see more My Drift Car Challenge battles in the future.

Want to see more drift battles? Watch episode four of My Drift Car Challenge!

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