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Nurotag | LA All Stars Edition

Nurotag_LA_2014_23 "I've never heard of Nurotag." Well you better start listening! Many West Coast car enthusiasts and car show goers may not know what Nurotag is, but think of it as the Wekfest of the East Coast. These guys from Miami have decided to bring along their talents from South Beach and turn Nurotag into a nationwide show. This year they started in Miami, worked their way to San Francisco, made a stop here in LA, and now they are off to New York, Chicago, Texas, Virginia Beach, and then Viva Las Vegas. What makes their East Coast style different than our West Coast shows? I haven't been to too many shows on that side of the nation, but if Nurotag is any indication, it's just like a South Beach Diet - take the bad and replace it with the good, making for an awesome show experience. Other than a great mix of cars, as well as some unconventional "vehicles" you'll see below - Nurotag kicked up it's game by bringing in a just-for-fun 3-on-3 basketball tournament and #showusyourkicks sneaker trend. Simple additions, but they really helped to give the show that extra something and fill the downtime sometimes experienced when you're parked at a day-long car show. Nurotag_LA_2014_01 With the show cars and vendors nearly ready, the first round of spectators started to trickle in. And they seem pretty stoked to be here! There's nothing bad about the quality of show cars here in the West Coast, so they didn't have to do any replacing in that aspect. Most of the cars on display were still fresh from Wekfest LA, with some already getting minor upgrades. Nurotag_LA_2014_02 Veliside wide body NSX completely exposed for all to see. No shame in that. Nurotag_LA_2014_03 Dub Nation rolled in with a whopping 20 car lineup, led by Bernie's fresh Volkswagen Rabbit. Nurotag_LA_2014_04 Don't adjust your screen; wheels aren't the only thing that can be "off set" in the ever creative car show scene. Nurotag_LA_2014_05 The variety on display was amazing; Eddie's super-clean classic Chevy Camaro RS caught my eye right away. Nurotag_LA_2014_06 Ruben loves to "Stay Mini" with his Mini Cooper lying on its tummy... Nurotag_LA_2014_07 ...but that camber is more like a triple extra-large than a mini! Nurotag_LA_2014_08 Jerald aka JAYCRAY, barely finished his new aggressive look in time for Wekfest roll-in. I'm sure this time around his #nurotagprep was less stressful and more relaxed. Usually when you talk about variety at car shows, it usually just means you'll see imports, euros, and domestics or old schools and new schools together. Nurotag is breaking the mold by inviting some non-traditional "vehicles"... Nurotag_LA_2014_09 Outsiders BMX had a nice lineup of their bikes on display. A little bird told me that a larger space with a possible BMX demo might be in the works for a future show! Nurotag_LA_2014_10 Smack dab in the middle was the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM! Roadshow with a crazy large booth featuring no less than 9 cars and a trailer. They also had a couple lovely models collecting sign up information in exchange for a goodie bag with a variety of stuff from their sponsors. Their compound featured some of the Phaze 2 crew's popular rides. Nurotag_LA_2014_11 Mikey's Integra Nurotag_LA_2014_12 Mike's 350z Nurotag_LA_2014_13 and of course, Noel's Varis wide body FRS, now with a carbon fiber hood. Nurotag_LA_2014_14 Milo was also there, pretending to be pulling the trailer which it could probably fit in. Nurotag_LA_2014_15 It's owner Neil actually registered his other car as well - a freshly wrapped Evo, which he usually takes out on the track, rolling on Nitto NT01 tires. Nurotag_LA_2014_16 Everybody's favorite, LTMW, had an awesome line up as usual, like their very popular Liberty Walk GTR. Seeing this one so much, I think I might be starting to take this beast for granted, which is a shame. It didn't hit me until that morning when I was helping the cars roll-in, that one of the security guards (who isn't a car show regular) started flipping out when he saw it and was telling all the other guards about how great it was the rest of the time. That reaction was so genuine. Nurotag_LA_2014_17 This one wins the award for best parking hands down. The Pomona Fairplex buildings come equipped with a few food and beverages vendors, including one for the San Antonio Winery. Putting the yellow Rocket Bunny/Nitto BMW M3 in front of the existing European style eating area was perfect. It was like pairing exquisite cheese to a fine wine. Nurotag_LA_2014_18 Not going to lie, when I first saw this car I thought it was a Lexus of some sort. Not until after I looked at the shot in my camera did I realize it was a FR-S with an AIMGAIN kit. Nurotag_LA_2014_19 Here's one Polizei car that enthusiasts wouldn't mind being tailed by. Nurotag_LA_2014_20 I'll leave off with this car, because before I got into the Scion scene this Honda is the exact vision I spent countless months looking for. Nurotag_LA_2014_21 The execution is perfect and exactly what I wanted to do, down to the tee. Clean, white on white wheels, simple lip kit. I never had it, but I already miss it. Maybe one day. In addition to the BMX's and basketball, tunes were brought by DJ DeLon headlining the venue along with a performance by the music duo Fresh Espresso. While the foot traffic at this show might have been less than what Nurotag would have liked, it's still a new show to us West Coasters with buzz just beginning to amply throughout the community. If they can keep bringing fresh elements to the show scene, I'm sure they'll continue to grow on their success! Enjoy this video... (@justdayuum)

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