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Petty's Garage Warrior Mustang: Honoring Active Duty Military with a Supercharged 675HP V8

Started in 2011, the U.S. Military’s car buying program Military AutoSource (MAS) created the Warrior Specialty Vehicle Program to create special edition cars and trucks for active duty personnel.

2019 Pettys Garage Warrior Mustang

Partnering with legendary names in the tuning industry like Roush and Petty’s Garage, the Warrior vehicles have been both extremely limited, and present solid values for their performance and aesthetic enhancements. 

Pettys Garage Warrior Edition Mustang

Past Warrior editions have included Jeep’s Wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee, Ford’s F-150 and Mustang, and a Harley-Davison Road King Special motorcycle.

2019 Warrior Edition Mustang Rear

Richard Petty x Mustang

In 2018, MAS partnered with Nascar legend Richard Petty for a modified version of the face-lifted S550 Mustang. Available in two packages, the Level 2 package added a TVS 2650 Edelbrock Supercharger for a healthy 675hp and 540 ft-lbs of torque, a 215hp boost over the stock naturally aspirated Coyote V8. The partnership was renewed in 2019, with 12 more models made: 4 in white, 4 in black, and 4 in silver. 

Warrior Edition Mustang with Supercharged Coyote V8

More than just a power boost, Petty’s Garage added a Level 5 Axle upgrade ensuring the power effectively makes it to the ground. A Petty’s Garage coilover system with Ford Racing springs keeps the car planted in the curves. This particular car also started life as a “Performance Pack” equipped GT so it includes a K-brace, strut-tower brace, and upsized rear sway bar that help stiffen the pony car. 

2019 Ford Mustang Warrior Edition

Not wanting to keep all the fun under the hood, Petty’s Garage pretty much threw their entire S550 exterior catalog at their take on the Warrior Mustang. Up front, Petty’s Garage grilles transform the Mustang’s gaping maw.

2019 Ford Mustang Warrior Edition front

A set of Petty Blue stripes run along the top of the car, matching the lower valances covered in the same pale blue. A Petty’s Garage NASCAR style spoiler gives the rear an equally aggressive aesthetic that matches the unique colorway of the rest of the vehicle. 

2019 Ford Mustang Warrior Edition Spoiler

The interior continues the theme, with custom darker blue leather seats. The seats carry both Petty’s Garage and Warrior edition branding, matching the blue shift knob of the six speed manual transmission.

2019 Ford Mustang Warrior Edition Interior

A serialized dash badge celebrates the limited nature of the vehicle while also sporting the signature of the legend himself, Richard Petty.

Ford Mustang Warrior Edition Dash Panel

Top-of-the-Line Tires

Originally equipped with the Performance Package 19” wheels with 255/40/19 and 275/40/19 summer tires, owner Korben Hollensteiner replaced the OEM set with 19” MRR GT350 wheels wrapped in 275/35/19 and 305/30/19 Nitto Invo ultra high performance street tires. 

MRR GT350 wheels on Warrior Edition Mustang  

The Nitto Invo tire blends performance, ride comfort and quality with an aggressive tread pattern that stands out in a crowd. The Invo tire line-up was specifically developed for staggered sized applications commonly found on high-performance vehicles like the S550 Mustang.

Nitto Invo Tires on S550 Mustang

Without messing too much with the work that Petty’s Garage put into this special edition Mustang, the only other modification that Korbin has made was the addition of a Corsa Performance exhaust. The Corsa unit delivers an incredible tone under acceleration, without the interstate drone common with other cat-back units for the S550 Mustang. 

Rear Shot of Ford Mustang Warrior Edition

With the recent debut of the 2024 Ford Mustang, one can only hope that MAS is working on another special edition for the Warrior program. 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the first Warrior Mustang, so this model year is the perfect time to do something that once again celebrates two great American institutions: the Ford Mustang, and the men and women that proudly serve in the United States Military. 

2019 Ford Mustang Warrior Edition

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