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Ride of the Week: Aaron Kaufman’s Ultra4 Cummins Scout

This week’s Ride of the Week comes to us from veteran gearhead and star of the new Discovery Channel series “Shifting Gears,” Aaron Kaufman. Starting its life as a long-forgotten 1971 International Scout 800 Comanche, Aaron and his crew transformed this rig into a race-legal Ultra4 car. What’s a more fitting test than to bring this Scout to King of the Hammers for its official debut and maiden voyage? Watch the video above to learn more about Aaron’s Scout and what makes it one of the most unique Ultra4 cars we’ve ever seen.

Aaron Kaufman Scout

Stay tuned, as we'll be bringing you an in-depth feature on the Scout later this week. If you want to see more unique rides, check out all our other Rides of the Week!

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