Ride Spotting Around Hammertown

Obviously during King of the Hammers, the race cars get all the attention. But what about all the cool vehicles around Hammertown that aren't competing each year? Here's 10 rides you won't see on the race course, but deserve recognition too. 

1. Tow Rig Goals

This 3rd Gen Ram 3500 is a great combo of comfort and durability. 

4th Gen Ram 2500

2. Iconic JKU

Known for their impressive, bolt-on suspension systems, Icon never misses a chance to flex out their Jeep JKU.  

Icon Vehicle Dynamics brought their JK

3. Dusted Luxury

Lexus is known for building Luxury cars and SUVs, but their bones are all Toyota. This GX470 is just as capable in the dirt as its Toyota Land Cruiser counterpart.

Lexus GX470

4. Bring Back the 90s

Our second favorite generation of Bronco, this Aeronose ('92-'96) was parked just inside Hammertown city limits. 

A clean 90's Bronco

5. FJ with a View

Although normally found on Jeeps, tube doors can basically be bolted onto any vehicle. This FJ Cruiser looked like it has seen some tough trails in it's day. 

FJ Cruiser with tube doors

6. What's Left of a TJ

It's true that most Jeep owners don't leave them stock for long, but this TJ crawler beast was almost unrecognizable. 

This Jeep TJ is ready to rock

7. Where's Waldocon?

Well...we found him! Definitely a unique twist on this JK, paying homage to the popular children's book featuring the world's best hide-and-seek player.

The Infamous Waldocon

8. Goin' Commando!

There really isn't anything cooler than a 4-linked classic Jeepster Commando on big axles and 40-inch tires. This beast can easily take on the trails around The Hammers.

A classic Jeepster Commando

9. Tons of Scout

Not quite a Jeep, not quite a Bronco. The Scout stands alone, and this specimen happens to be on one-ton axles and some HUGE swampers. (Bonus points if you noticed the 50-inch light bar)

An International Harvester Scout on one-ton axles

10. Monster Chevy

If you need a pick-me-up, this CST-lifted Silverado from Monster Energy has got you covered. 

The Monster Energy Silverado

There's a whole lot more going on around Hammertown. To stay up to date on all things King of the Hammers, check out our KOH headquarters page!


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