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Take 5: The Off-Roading 'Amphibian' Jeep

Among the 250 Jeeps at this year's KMC Jeep Bash in Long Beach, it was impossible to miss Kyle Pharis' orange TJ on Nitto Trail Grapplers. Named "Amphibian" for its ability to thrive in any environment, this is one brightly colored Jeep that's not afraid to stand out. It's tastefully modded, with colored accents throughout the build that fully commit to the Orange Crush scheme without looking hokey. Keep reading as we pick the brain of this enthusiastic Jeeper:

Kyle Pharis  |  @amphibian_jeep

2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Amphibian Jeep at Jeep Bash 2017

1. What is the best mod to your vehicle?

Hands down the ARB lockers. The Jeep will climb over stuff I didn't think were possible when I had open diffs.

TJ on a rock

2. Who/what has been the biggest influence on or inspiration for the build?

We used to tow the Jeep when we went camping, and I always had so much fun out exploring with my family.

TJ on the trail

3. What is your biggest automotive pet peeve?

I hate when people build their car for something, then they don't do it. If you build a drift car, drift it; if you build a drag car, race it; if you build a Jeep, wheel it.

rear view of TJ off-roading

4. What is your favorite music to build or drive to?

I like to listen to classic rock or blues while driving — anything that's fun to sing along with.

5. What is your next automotive adventure?

Our next adventure is Moab, Utah, with the Jeep Jamboree this October. I have always wanted to go, and now it's just about here.

TJ on pavement

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