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Tesla x Hot Wheels: The Radio Control Cybertruck Everyone Can Own

While it may be some time before the Tesla Cybertruck actually starts appearing on the road, it's already become one of the most recognizable vehicles in automotive history. It's not surprising then to learn that scale versions of the wedge-shaped pickup truck are on their way, and Hot Wheels has just announced that it will be releasing two different radio control replicas of the Cybertruck this year.

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck RC 1:64

First up is a 1:64 scale Cybertruck replica, which is the same size as your typical Hot Wheels diecast vehicle, but this one will be radio controlled and recharged via its included controller. It will have two drive modes "Chill" and "Sport," which will allow the miniature Cybertruck to hit 500 miles per hour (scale speed of course).

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck 1:64

Best of all, its familiar Hot Wheels size means the RC Cybertruck can be driven on existing Hot Wheels track sets and can even do loops if desired. At just $20, it should make for a popular stocking-stuffer for the 2020 holiday season.

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck Radio Control

If that wasn't enough, at the same time Hot Wheels will also debut a much-larger 1:10 scale radio control Cybertruck. Not only is this one a lot bigger in size, it also features all-wheel-drive and will be capable of hitting 25 miles per hour in real world speed.

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 Radio Control

It will also include functional head and taillights, a tailgate that folds into a ramp just like the real truck and removable body with a fully modeled interior. They've even gone as far as to include a shattered glass sticker to replicate the infamous launch event. (And no, that's not a joke I added.)

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 Scale

The price for the 1:10 scale radio control Cybertruck is $400, and while that's not especially cheap there's no doubt plenty of real Cybertruck buyers will be picking one up to hold themselves over until the real version arrives some time in 2021 or 2022.

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck Radio Control

While the Hot Wheels brand is traditionally associated with standard diecast toy cars, a Tesla collaboration makes perfect sense as they look to expand their reach into new areas of the scale automotive hobby. Both the 1:10 and 1:64 scale RC Cybertrucks will arrive in December of this year, and pre-orders have already started.

And if you somehow missed all the hype about the real life Tesla Cybertruck, you can check out our breakdown right here.

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