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The Future Is Coming: Jeep Aims for Full Line of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles by 2022

From electric Porsches to electric Mustang-badged SUVs, this year has seen of the industry's most established and respected nameplates fully embracing the electric car movement, and it looks like Jeep may next to follow, and in a big way.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Red Silver

During a recent media event in New Zealand, Jeep's global president Christian Meunier told Aussie publication Car Advice, that Jeep plans to add plug-in hybrid and battery electric powertrains to its entire lineup by 2022.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Blue

While they aren't yet on sale here, Jeep already builds plug-in hybrid versions of its smaller crossovers for overseas markets, and it sounds like that technology will soon be making its way to the brand's larger SUVs and 4x4s as well.

2019 Jeep Renegade Yellow

There's no doubt that some old school Jeep fans may be turned-off by the idea of hybrid and electric Wranglers, Gladiators and Grand Cherokees, but the instant torque electrified Jeeps could potentially make them even more capable off-road. All while drastically improving their fuel economy in normal use, or possibly eliminating the need for gas altogether.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Red

An argument could even be made that Jeep has the ideal lineup for electrification, as its vehicles have always been more about all terrain capability rather than outstanding or highly notable engine options.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Gray

The published information didn't clarify whether they meant electrification will be an option or be standard across the lineup, but with 2019 quickly drawing to a close, that means we could be just two years away from finding out.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Interior

It sounds like an ambitious target for sure but whatever happens the 2020s are going to be an interesting decade for the Jeep brand as it balances its incredible growth with the ever-changing face of automotive technology and the move toward electric power.

Speaking of electric adventure machines that will be here by 2022, have you heard of a little rig known as the Tesla Cybertruck?

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